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University of Waterloo vs John Molsen School of Business (Concordia)?

I am currently about to finish my first year at University of Waterloo. I am planning on majoring in Economics as a Bachelor of Arts.

I recently applied to John Molsen School of Business as a Marketing Major under the Bachelor of Commerce degree (transfer student).

This is where the confusion starts- I can't decide where to go next year! here are some details;

-I am more interested in studying marketing than economics.

-Life will be much better in Montreal than Waterloo.

-The workload will be higher in JMSB compared to Waterloo(bad thing)

-I'm not sure which degree holds more value.

-I'm not sure which university has a better ranking for business.

-Studying at JSMB will be cheaper but the program will be longer than in Waterloo.

Any suggestions or advice will be much appreciated. Thanks!

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    If marketing is what you've figured you wana do, then by all means go for it. sure an economics degree from uwaterloo will sound snazzy, you should be forewarned that economics at waterloo is a very quantitative program (lots of math), so if you are willing to take on the challenge of econ, go after it with a gusto. however, if marketing is what you are interested in, which by the way, is more important than anything else in the world, i say go for it. you are in college to learn, so dont let any stereotypes or other peoples wellwishing come in between your decision making. rankings are just a barometer to help you make a decision, they dont necessarily have a bearing on how much You will take from the program.

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    My suggestion is get your economics degree. It is such a fundamental, basic degree that it will give you huge amounts of flexibility in what you do next. You could exit straight into business, you could do graduate work in economics or a related discipline or you could pursue an MBA.

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