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Why is it republicans don't want to give credit to Obama for acting on the Somali pirate situation?

...I mean, last week they wanted to blame Obama for the pirates taking the U.S. captain hostage, but now they don't want to give credit for him taking action?

Republicans want to give Bush credit for military actions he only signed off on but when Obama does it, it apparently doesn't count.......hypocrisy?

I do think that mainly all of the credit goes to the navy that handled the situation, but the hypocrisy in it all is simply frustrating

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    Political hypocrisy is alarmingly common today, and is afflicting both parties.

    Just goes to show we need a better solution than human rulership.

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  • milian
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    a majority of those persons are unhappy. i can't have faith they did no longer have self assurance in our President and the army Seals. no longer even any persons knew they had dropped sharp shooters contained in the section. The U.S. in basic terms would not play around while it rather is one in each and every of ours. we've a good President that authorized this action and the army Seals have been certainly fantastic. 3 photos, all proper and 3 ineffective pirates. good pastime and a chuffed Easter blessing.

  • Bryan
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    I am glad that Obama made the decision to allow the use of force. I support this decision and consider it the right course to follow. However this is as far as the credit extends. Now the question becomes a wait and see issue. This should be a wake up call that stronger measures need to be taken in the region to protect shipping interests. We will see how the administration responds going forward.

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    Sorry, but he just didn't do much about the situation, just like he hasn't done much about the North Koreans firing rockets or the missing Americans in Iran. Yeah, he gave the orders to save the captain, that's great. But, what else would he have done? Would he have instead said, "No, don't save the guy, it doesn't matter!" I really don't see your point. He gave orders to save him. That's it. End of story. I see that he has a lot on his plate but he needs to get serious with foreign policy, we're a laughing stock right now! The only hypocrisy I'm seeing right now is from the left. They acted like Obama was going to come in and totally change foreign policy, fix what Bush screwed up. I haven't seen any change at all. He's managed to piss off the Russians, the British, and now he's meeting with our enemies, the Iranian government. Not to mention he's letting North Korea fire off rockets capable of reaching his home state of Hawaii. And he's managed to hush up the story of several missing Americans in Iran and North Korea. Not that great of a start, in my opinion.

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    I give him credit, but it is a drop in the bucket of debt that he owes this nation and damage he has done in just a few months to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. It is like a man who burned down your house offering you a drop of water to place on the smoldering ruins.

    Too little Too late

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    I am surprised that he was able to break away from such important issues as increasing welfare assistance, bailing out large businesses especially AIG which if it goes under would be detrimental to the wealth of this administration.

    I do give him credit for supporting the rescue efforts of the captive of the US Commercial ship however lets not get to carried away Obama is not a Seal. The real credit must go to our military The United States Navy Seal's I believe they are the heroes here.

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    Some have. I've seen two questions from admitted conservatives that give Obama the credit due. Quit worrying, man.

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    Did Obama climb Mt Everest here, NO. Did he forge a mighty river, NO.

    Did he leap a small building in a single bound NO. What he finally did

    do after 5 days of an American being held captive by 4 teenagers, was

    make a decision to do something. Very rarely does he do that, we

    know. If he could have passed the buck on this, he would have, you

    can count on it. He would have been far more comfortable, saying

    Present, and hope that someone else would make the call and get

    the job done, Well he was right about one thing, Someone else did

    do the job and got it done right,

    Source(s): SOCOM Sgt.Maj, ret
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    Same reason some democrats never gave Bush credit for being the first president to fund embryonic stem cell research, or for giving more and more significant aid to Africa AIDS programs, saving many, many lives, etc.

    And make it "some" Republicans. The Somali pirates have been active for many years. It was not Obama's fault they attacked a US flagged ship.

    Perhaps you should understand that only some people don't give Obama credit, and that the democrats are just as guilty of hypocrisy.


    Wow, a lot of leftists are wearing their asshats here today! LOL.

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    100 bucks says all of the Republicans were hoping the ransom would be paid and the Captain would be killed JUST so they could say Obama was a failure. They miss Bush's way of doing things. Mcsame and Palin would have nuked Somalia.

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    the republicans that go thru life with blinders on won't admit that obama gave the order on friday. they selectivly hear what is on the news. they had to wait for the best time - in sight with the captain out of the line of fire. the fact they got all 3 at the same times says a lot. they could have missed one and that one could have killed him.

    Source(s): watch the video of the news at the 3 minute mark http://abcnews.go.com/wn
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