To All Christians. Are we doing right by GOD by accepting what we know to be wrong?

Man has freewill, therefore there are limits to what we can do as Christians. But to those specific things such as Gay Marriage and Gay Adoption, Taking Prayers out of Schools, Taking God's name out of the Pledge of Allegiance, and Allowing Mothers to KILL their Unborn Children..... Are we doing right by God? I mean we see the sins everyday and we see how it affects our children.... how can we just standby and let it happen? And by allowing these things to happen, how are we any better than those who commit these sins?


Amazing. I ask for Christians, and I get anything but a Christian...except for maybe 2 of you.

And to answer most of the sarcastic comments, especially the "Gay" ones, I'm sorry to burst your bubbles, but what you think has been or will be accomplished is only temporary. Enjoy it while it lasts. :)

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    Isaiah 40:8 The grass withers, the flower fades, but the word of our God will stand forever.

    Mark 16:15-16 And he said to them, "Go into all the world and proclaim the gospel to the whole creation.

    Whoever believes and is baptized will be saved, but whoever does not believe will be condemned.

    You can not legislate morality without a change of the wickedness in man's heart. Morality does not save anyone. This also does not mean that Christians should roll over and play dead. Christians should be actively involved in the democratic process (I assume you are in the U.S.) and write letters to their politicians and stand and vote against laws and politicians that support the wickedness and depravity of man (such as abortion and homosexual 'rights', the rampant sexual immorality of this country, and corruption in politics and corporations) and stand behind those laws and politicians that stand for the truth of God. First and foremost Christians must actively reach out and witness to God's truth and love and spread the gospel of Jesus Christ. This world is temporary and will not stand forever.

    Salvation is only in Jesus Christ!

    John MacArthur commentary on Moralism:

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    No we are not doing well to allow these things to go unchecked but the problem will not be resolved by legislation. People have to be made to understand the truth behind the convition. Unfortunately, all most of those who promote such a secular humanist way of life can see is that the Bible is taken as an authority in moral matters and they don't want such an authority in their life.

    Science continues to prove that life begins earlier and earlier in the womb. Despite any evidence that would support a continued push for abortion, do you think that abortion advocates will stop to think about the mounting case against their view? Of course not. It isn't "truth" that is the issue, it is authority. Even an authority that will tell them that they can't take another's life.

    Do you think that the volumes of studies done on the destructive health concequences that result for male homosexulity will slow down the push to broaden it's appeal? Do you imagine that the AIDs virus or the physical damage from sex performed in the "wrong places" will slow them down? Or just the simple question of what would happen if everyone was homosexual? No more procreation, no more people!! Of course that doesn't matter to those who are addicted to that lifestyle.

    Do we just stand by and let this happen. That's what we have been doing. What action will you take?

    Chose your candidates for office carefully.

    Educate yourself on the science behind these social sins.

    Learn the consequences to individuals and society from the scriptures.

    Pray for our culture and that the Church would find her voice.

    Source(s): My own lament for a culture pursuing a self destructive path as so many have done in history.
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    needless to say you have no longer been at the back of the Vail, the Bible is secret code and until you get carry of the Holy spirit and ask him to bare the secret secret hidden there you sound only such as you do, yet once you bypass examine John 3.sixteen and then Romans 10.9 and acts 2 and get carry of his spirit , that's the secret receiving his spirit or what we call being born back or born from above , then you definately could be aw stimulated by skill of the bible, that's an integrated message from exterior of this time measurement and has a observe for the destiny and the previous and each observe factors to Jesus the Savior! Now i'm valuable you do no longer understand this considering which you have no longer gained this spirit i became into conversing approximately, bypass do it and the bible will come alive and the spirit of the residing God would be in you and instruction manual you and bless you and awe you!

  • Gay marriage hurts NO ONE! Will your heart stop if homosexuals marry? Will the legalization of homosexual marriage come in and kill your children? Seriously, will it really affect YOU in any way, shape, or form?

    No. All gay marriage will do is allow homosexuals to be married and happy. Nothing is wrong with that.

    Same for gay adoption. Many children these days have only one parent anyway due to the high divorce rates. 2 is better than 1 regardless of sex. Plus, christians paint this horror picture that is not going to happen. The child won't be messed up, not anymore messed up than a child raised by 2 straight parents. People are people, regardless of gender.

    Prayers need to be taken out of schools because not all children are christian and not all parent want their child to be forced to make christian prayers.

    As for God being in the Plege, once again, not everyone beleives in God. Therefore, they should not be forced to beleive and repeatedly say that they live in a nation under God.

    As for abortion, well, a life starts once someone is born, not once the egg is fertilized. How can you kill something that's not alive? And even if so, no one should be forced to do something as painful as have a child. And adoption is not always the answer. First off, the child will be saddened and would feel unwanted. They might end up living in a foster home for the rest of their lives.

    Also, none of these things affect you. If you are against homosexual marriage, don't marry someone of the same sex. If you are against gay adoption, don't adopt a child while having a gay partner. If you are against taking prayers out of school, god dammit, pray at home! You control your children, not the school! If you want to say God's name in the pledge, then by all means, say it. And if you are against abortion, don't have one.

    Let people live their lives the way they want. None of that stuff really affects YOU.

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    Every day the world grows more and more into sin people today now grow up around sex and crime way more than ever before and as long as that happens our future can only get worse until the day our world is ended so I would say your right we aren't doing right by god because Satan rules right now almost everything on T.V. has some kind of sin in it and it will only get worse they use to not be able to show nudity in PG-13 movies but now they can great example of how sin grows in this world

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    Who says we have to accept it?

    We do not participate in those things, do we?

    We do warn people of the penalties of sin, don't we?

    But this is how things are going, that the prophecy would be fulfilled, that in the end, people will call evil good, and good evil...

    and haven't you noticed, persecutions happen when a government gets their hands into it...things being considered even now for legislation slowly strip away the freedoms of religion, and of free speech.

    Eventually, any time a minister speaks the truth, even from a pulpit, he will be breaking a so called "hate crime" law.

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    Not all Christians believe that homosexuality is a sin. You'd be hard pressed to find a Bible earlier than the 17th century that condemned it. The Hebrew and Greek certainly don't.

    I'm a Christian, a retired Pentecostal minister, and I can read Hebrew and Greek. I support gay marriage and adoption rights.

    What does prayer in public schools or the Pledge of Allegiance have to do with Christianity? Don't confuse patriotism with God.

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    Why did you choose only those sins? What about the thousands and thousands of others? The lying, the cheating, the adultery, the fornicating, taking the Lord's name in vain, etc., etc? The bible doesn't say we must say prayers at school or say God's name in our Pledge of Allegiance. Although, I would like our kids to say a morning prayer at school and I want to keep "under God" in the pledge of allegiance, it is not written in the bible. Please remember we are not perfect. I think if we just all do our best, we'll be alright.

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    We can legislate moral laws. However, real changes in our overall moral climate will only happen when individual hearts are changed. Each non-Christian that is converted is a big step in that direction. Each Christian that becomes authentic and lives out the way of Christ is even better. Protests arent the answer. Lobbying is not the answer. Living out the life of Christ IS the answer. Sharing Christ with others ( not just in here) IS the answer.

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    Did Jesus try to eliminate slavery or abolish prostitution? No. He did show us an example of how to treat people who's lives have been effected by these evils. As christians we need to concentrate on our own marriages and show our children and others by example what a marriage honored by God can be. All parents have their problems- none of us are perfect- adoptive parents need to prove they can provide a safe and loving home for children-period. No one can take prayer from school- are you praying in your home? We need to pray for and provide help and counsel for the young women struggling with the fear of an unexpected pregnancy and for the women who have to live with the mistakes they've made. If it were not for the grace of God we could be these people.

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