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Where can i buy Vitamin E?

i have some pimple scars, and i want to buy some vitamin E for it... do you think Safeway or drugstores have it?

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    You can buy Vitamin E capsules in the vitamin and nutrient section of most department and drug stores. You can buy it in capsule form, prick it with a pin, and squeeze it out of the capsule. Or, some stores sell Vitamin E Oil in the same section of the store. It's in a small (about 4 or less ounce) bottle.

  • Right between Vitamin D and Vitamin F.

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    You can get it from most stores that sell vitamins. I order most of my vitamins and supplements online through this website.

    It is cheaper to order online if you are a frequent user of vitamins.

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    Yes, you can buy Vitamin E anywhere

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    WalMart or any grocery store sells vitamins. You can buy they at Whole Foods or GNC. You can just buy the caplets and poke a hole in one and use it as you need it. The caplet will reseal itself. Just leave it in a small dish in the bathroom or beside your bed.

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    Mercury Drugstore.

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    any vitamin store

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    The body shop, boots and holland and barret and other health food shops stock it.

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    1 decade ago's available there.

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