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What are the people like in London? xD?

I need to know how are the people like in London for a Geography project.If you would be so nice and give me that information.Ohhkayyy.

I need all that what do they do for fun,what ttype of goverment do they have.I need to knoee.

Thank you dumbos

<3 ^_^

Need it urgent

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    London in Wikipedia

    Information on government in the UK

    The government of the UK is a Constitutional Monarchy which means that it has a hereditary head of state, the Queen but the government is elected by the people.

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    We are really cool :)

    There is lots of us and we are all different everyone has got their own style. Bit like everywhere else in the world. Most people who live in central london will need to be quite wealthy.

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    the best place in the world to live. but everyone is always in a rush

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    Urgh .. their like everyone else in the world.

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    The people in London are either stuck up snobs who barge past you in the street (generally bankers, managers of big companies etc), drug dealers, wannabe English gangsters or poor people who smell really bad.

    And Boris Johnson, the mayor of London, is from the conservative party

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