God and the pope im very confused help?

Ok i need some help with this. Ok the pope believes it's " Gods will " correct? well he used to at least back in the old days Christin's would kill people and burn down villages in the name of gods will. and im pretty sure they still believe in gods will why wouldn't they, now why does the pope have guards to protect him? if he gets killed isn't that part of " Gods will" or " Gods plan"?? So why does he have guards protecting him? if anyone can give me a normal answer ill be forever in your debt since i think this is a very logical question.


Ok sparki777 you speak of logic, god knows all that has happened and that will happen so if it wasn't in gods will when the people tryed to assiante the pope god would have stopped it if it wasn't part of hes will if you believe in god everything you do is part of gods will since he made you and knows exactly what you will do with your life

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    It's God's will for the Pope to be protected, I guess. If it weren't, then no one would have ever come up with the idea to protect the Pope...or something.

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    Depends on whether or not you believe in destiny. If,like some people,you believe in destiny then it would have been the pope's destiny to be killed. But here is the problem with destiny: your entire life is already pre-planned and all the decisions you make and all the things that happen to you are all part of destiny's plan. I personally do not believe in destiny. I think what happens to someone just happens. Let's say a crazy person kills the pope or any other important person. Was it God's will? What if you don't believe in God or belong to a religion that has a different god like a buddha? Look at all the wars that have been fought in the past and even today because of religion. If you research religion you will find that when Constantine of Byzantium wanted to convert his empire to Catholicism,he based the idea of God on Zeus. That is why pictures and sculptures of God and Zeus look so familiar.Do you think Jesus could have ever imagined the power and fortune amassed by his church? The splendor and opulence of the Vatican? I think He would be disgusted.So in summary, there is no answer to the concept of God's will. Just go and live your life and be the best person you can be.There is another idea that God created all the universe then just let everything unfold as it happens. This makes more sense to me.

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    The pope believes in God's will, yes. The tricky part is figuring out what God's will is, sometimes.

    It is true that Christians have killed people, burned down villages, whatever in the name of God, but Christians are not perfect people. They are still sinners, still humans who make mistakes.

    The Catholic Church does NOT engage in war these days and hasn't for some time. The Catholic Church is actually opposed to war. Pope Benedict XVI has actually been quite clear on the Iraqi war, for example.

    Having body guards -- in the case of the pope, he has the Swiss Guard -- is not the same thing as having an army. The Swiss Guard is mostly ceremonial, and the pope's body guards are there to keep him from the harm of some anti-Catholic zealots, like the one who tried to assassinate Pope John Paul II. Surely you can understand that Catholics would not think that anti-Catholic zealots who wish to murder the pope are acting in God's will? You talk about logic -- come on, now, that just is an obvious thing. Murder is in the 10 Commandments, you know.

    When Pope Benedict XVI was elected, he noted that his would be a "very short pontificate" -- he knows he is going to die within a few years, either from natural causes (he is a rather old man) or possibly being assassinated. He will accept the end of his life whenever it happens with grace. But it's still okay for us to protect our leader from people who hate him and want to murder him.

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    You are very right, but when it comes down to it the pope is just a man. Time have changed and there are people out there who want to kill every Christin because they think that's what their religion wants them too. There are even Christians that want to kill Christians. Every ones perception on the Bible is different. You can read the same scripture over and over and over again and get something different out of it each time. The past Popes thought it was Gods will to kill Jews because the Jews killed his son. Morally you can see where the Popes saw this as the right thing to do.

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    ITs very simple: The Pope is a real human being and is the leader of a very large church called The Holy Roman Catholic Church.

    God is an idea people have come up with and hold in their minds but is otherwise non-existant.

    The Pope, being a real human can do and say things.

    God, being simply an idea, can't do or say anything.

    Simple eh?

    Furthermore: God being nothing more than an idea cannot and does not have a "Will".

    Human beings have "wills" and the Pope being a human can have a 'will' to do something.

    Some human may have a will to kill the Pope. Still other humans may have a will to protect the Pope. And yet other humans have a will to say that protecting the Pope is God's will.

    God, on the other hand still being nothing more than an idea doesn't and cannot have anything to do with this except to be used by some as an explanation, but its really no explanation at all.

    God doesn't exist, the Pope does and you do.

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    That's like saying I'll jump of this cliff because if it's God's will for me to live I won't die: Satan tempted Jesus w/ this. I'll give you the same answer He gave. We should not put God to the test

    The pope has guards because he is a representation of Christianity and those that hate Christianity will seek to kill him.

    Not protecting him could bring a lot of blood shed (retaliation).

    There are many people who claim to be of some religion who choose they're own interpretation of doctrine rather than it's true meaning.

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    The Pope and all the members of the Catholic Church are and always will be human and vulnerable to human flaws and doubts. They will always be affected by the collective flaws and trends of the cultures in which their humanity developed. Humans are a violent species across the cultural board. Yes, God made us. Free will is one of the gifts he gave us. How and when to participate in that cultural heritage is individual choice, as is how and when to condemn or forgive mere humans who have made bad choices. It's not about being perfect. It's about working it out. Flaws, mistakes and all.

    As for God's omniscience, I think I will let that mystery be. I do not know WHAT God knows or thinks and don't much trust anybody who claims they do. I can't even read human minds, much less spiritual minds. Personal limitation, I s'pose.

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    A worthy question! A study of the Bible will reveal that the catholic church has no right to exist. The entire organization was founded on misinterpretation of scripture. Revelation Ch.17 V1-9 tells us that the Lord will destroy the roman catholic church during the great tribulation.

    The pope claims to be god's representative on earth but Scripture tells us that the Lord's representative today is the Holy Spirit Himself. It seems that the Pope will make a pact with the Antichrist during the great tribulation as he will deceive many.

    May I suggest that you simply pass on this matter as it has no eternal value.

    God bless!

    Source(s): King James Bible
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    Because a lot of people don't do what God's will is. When we sin, it is not God's will, someone killing the Pope would not be God's will, so I guess protecting him from being killed is GOd's will.

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    Do a little research and you'll see some of the old popes were outright evil opportunists and deviants. I'm not saying all popes, but it's an indelible spatter on the credibility of the church.

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