When is best time to take cutting for oleander?

I live in the Napa Valley area of northern California!

When should I take a cutting? Where on the branch should I cut?

Thanks, Frank

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    Take the cuttings from the apical end, or tips, of the stems during the Summer. Do this in the morning. Use a sharp knife to gently scrape off about an inch of the bark at the bottom of the cutting. Now here's something extra that you can do if you have the time and money. Purchase some IBA (indolebutyric acid,) which is an auxin and will help the cuttings form roots. Dip the bottom of the cutting, make sure it's the bottom by making sure the buds point up, in 3000 ppm (or .3%) IBA for about 2-3 seconds. Place them in a jiffy tray with 50% peat, 50% perlite soil mix. Try to keep the soil moist, not too wet, and try to keep the cuttings misted as well.

    Source(s): Horticulture degree, and Plant Propagation Principles and Practices 7th Ed.
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