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How many of you feel that our new president doing a great job?

if someone mess up something do you think it easy to work magic over night ? I don't it will take time to find out what need to be done; to prepare the mess someone els made its not easy we need jobs health care and other things. and this problem can't be fix over night. he has to think about what need to be done and what could his staff do to fix the problem someone els made Challenge the problem. is not easy to fix over night I believe if our were president could make things better over night he would. ? when i hear are see people talking about a man who working hard for the people I had to take a stand and said give this man time to see what need to be done because if you were The president you would not be here cutting our new president down and the people you are siding with would be cutting you down some of you can't make decision about what need to done at your home but you could sit and Curtice someone who had nothing to do with this problem give this man a change to talk to his staff and try to find out what to do about the problem he not God he a man who is willing to work hard to make thing better for use.

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    He hasn't impressed me at all so far.

    I do hope,however,that he spends some much needed money on education. Proper grammar and spelling are obviously not being taught.

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    I believe he got off to a bad start with the bailouts other than that I think he is trying to do a good job, a president has to have good staff around him and I think he did not choose wisely. He does not make all the decisions and I believe the democrats in the senate and congress are too blame also.

    A president has to be Strong and we need one for all the people and that should be their focus.

    Lets hope he becomes wiser and helps the people and avoids the pitfalls of political game playing

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    i'm on no account valuable of the probabilities of Obama doing a robust interest. I do think of he makes a miles greater perfect candidate than the two Gore or Kerry. I heavily have self assurance that Gore went insane sometime in the previous couple of years and could have been a techniques worse than Bush. As for Kerry, I doubt he could have achieved something, which might have made him a first rate president. My subject is that Obama will accomplish lots, maximum of it undesirable.

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    How do you define 'great job'?

    First of all, I suggest looking at the 'oath of office' that the president takes.

    He pledges to "preserve, protect and defend the Constitution of The United States".

    This president has ,in fact, done everything in his power to 'ignore' the Constitution and is in the process of 're-writing' his version of what the 'Law of the Land' shall be!

    Anyone who begins a task by breaking a sol um oath cannot be considered anything other than a 'betrayer and usurper of the public trust'!

    Plain and simple!

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    The President is doing fine...It is Congress and the House that are screwing the country esp The Speaker of the House..They are the ones that draft laws, create policy, draft the budget, these crooks are the ones who are really running the country..PEOPLE REMEMBER OBAMA DID NOT CREATE THE MESS THIS COUNTRY IS IN. HE HAS ONLY BEEN IN OFFICE LESS THEN 90 DAYS. THE MESS THIS COUNTRY IS IN WAS CREATED BY YEARS AND YEARS OF FAILED POLICY AND POOR GOVERNMENT OVERSIGHT!!

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    A 'great job' - how?

    By signing a pork-laden spending bill without ever bothering to read it?

    By ordering that Gitmo be closed without even bothering to find out who we have there - and why?

    By increasing the deficit more in 2 months than Bush did in 8 years?

    By failing to achieve even _one_ of his foriegn policy goals during his overseas trip last week?

    Face it - they guy has been a disaster.

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    After the big spending is over, who do you think is going to pay for all this? If you think things are bad now, just wait til a gallon of milk costs $10.

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    I'm not an Obama fan (you can check), but I'm floored that he actually authorized military use against those pirates. Seems that four guys in a small boat are no match for our Prez! if only he could stand up to Iran, N. Korea, China, et al.

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    He is doing a great job, its a shame its destroying America.

  • 1 decade ago

    Barry is still a joke.

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