Patelson's Music in NYC is closing?

Today's NY Times has an article about the passing of this establishment. My husband and I shopped there for many years, and our son - now a successful pianist and conductor - spent many hours reading and coloring in a corner while we went thru the bins. Anyone else have fond stories about this venerable place?


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    I heard about the store's closing last Thursday or Friday and have a mixed reaction. On the one hand it's terrible to see a brick-and-mortar store close, on the other hand I've been shopping for sheet music online almost exclusively for the past eight or ten years. Yes, it's nice to go through the racks and handle paper, glance at a score, and work out weather it is something you want or not in person. I find that the best way to search for choral music. Since my choral budget was cut down to $0 two years ago, there isn't much point.

    Not being a New Yorker, I can't speak to Patelsons', but Patti music in Madison closed a year or so ago. One of my haunts when I visit my wife's side of the family. A great source for organ and vocal scores; their inventory went to Ward-Brodt, but I don't know that it's getting replenished or updated any more.

    Similarly, most piano stores have closed and supply seems to have been very much consolidated to "cheap brands" in these parts. One has to travel a considerable distance to get beyond the Pearl River (and stencils) and Yamaha sources. Not that a piano is a commodity that one replaces too frequently, but I enjoy seeing and playing different models to see what has changed, what has been introduced, or removed.

    The down-side is that without quality instrument and sheet music stores, especially near conservatories, the drive to try new music becomes stifled.

    ... eventually everyone will have a $79 keybooard from Musicians Friend, free "sheets" from sharing sites and lessons from YouTube. It is a sad state of affairs.

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    Spent many many hours there in the 1960s as a music student. Used to take the train in from Boston. What a wonderful place it has been!

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    its ambiance was like what a filmmaker would imagine for a music store (especially in that location) I would go in just for the ambiance of serious musicians searching for that perfect piece that etude that would push them over that hump ... in all those corners!

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    That's amazing. I personally actually have never been there, but whenever I ask any of my music professors where to find any music (scores or sheet music), they tell me to go to Patelson's. According to them, "they have everything".

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