when did your child start using crayons?

I was recently told that babies should be able to start using crayons some time between 8 and 12 months. My daughter is 9.5 months and we just played with crayons for the first time today. She made a few marks on the paper, but mostly she wanted to eat the crayons =P So I was curious how old other people's babies were when they started using crayons?

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    My son was about 10 months old and he did surprisingly well. Held the crayon properly (not in a fist) and "coloured" in and scribbled. And then tried to eat it. He's just turned 2 and is into drawing big circles that are everything from birthday cakes to dogs and he still tries to eat the crayons!

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    I think mine was around the same age as your little one. And, yes thank goodness crayons are non-toxic. I had to deal with some rainbow colored poo there for awhile lol. At first, she will only make little marks on the paper and it won't hold her attention for long, but by the age of 2 she should be able to draw a circle. Not a perfect one, just an obvious circle. Coloring is a great way to build dexterity, hand eye coordination, and also to learn shapes and colors. Get down there and color with her mom! I bet you forgot how fun it is!

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    With my first it was a year maybe a little earlier, we tried a bunch before hand but yeah she tried to eat it more then she colored with it (good thing crayons are non-toxic) we ended up with just a big mess of chewed and broken crayons..

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    It varies from Child to Child in my house.

    My Eldest didn't use crayons till 4yo, his bio Parents just never bought them for him. It was funny when we did drawing here when he arrived, he was so amazed that these things leave marks on the paper (walls). (Hmm probably shouldn't call it a funny story, because it is rather sad....)

    Our 3yo twins, both had crayons since about 8 months old. The elder of the 2 does really like drawing though.

    Our 13month old twins, both love drawing (I think it's more they've seen the Elder boys drawing.)

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    be careful with that. I think my son was like 18 months when I let him use some. When he was 3 he decided to color his entire room

  • somewhere around there. closer to a year than anything.


    jessica mae

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