What are the top 5 corporations you would like to see go out of business now from the bad economy?

Mine are:

5. Kinkos - What the heck is wrong with their employees? Do they have to take snooty 101?

4. Marlboro - Killing people for 50 years.

3. Priceline - Worst customer service of any online company by far.

2. US Bank - Horrendous customer service, Just a unpleasant bank to deal with in general.

1. AIG - Need I say more?

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    The Vatican, Philip Morris International, Starbucks café, abc channel, MacDonald.

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    1. The Principal Financial Group (I have a grudge)

    2. IBM

    3. not a corporation, but the World Bank

    4. Freddie Mac / Sallie Mae

    5. any large defense contractor

  • 1 decade ago

    There are a number which, at least on a moral level, should go.

    However, since their closure would put thousands of people out of work (and probably have a knock-on effect on jobs and/or business for their contacts, suppliers, distributors, etc), I'll have to hold fire for now.

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    In no particular order

    The corporations of





    Organized religions in general

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