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Last summer, I travelled to India to enjoy my holiday, but I after some thing, cause me have an unforgettable experience.

Once time, I went to India with my family. There is extremely hot, so I took a bath in a wooden tub. That day was 40 degree Celsius! During I take the bath, I felt cool off. And then I open the window. I think that can make me close to nature. Suddenly, a cobra came to my room through the window. It was horrible. It stuck out it tongue. I screamed immediately. Behind the cobra, have a cat. It crawled through the window and caught the cobra. Although I do not believe my eyes, this was true. They began to have their hard fight. After that, both of them were got badly hurt and they were faint. Suddenly, my mother ran to my room instantly, because my mother heard that I screamed. When my mother saw the cobra and cat, my mother did not scream. It is because she is brave. She caught them and threw the cobra through the window. And then, let the cat do our “security personnel”, help us expel the mouse that hide in our house.


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    In the last summer, I planned to have an enjoyable holiday in India. Due to a special incident, the holiday has become one of the most memorable experiences in my life.

    That was the first time I go to India with my family. The weather was extremely hot. It was nearly 40 degree Celsius! My body was full of sweat, so I decided to take a bath in a wooden tub. When I was taking a bath, I felt a blast of wind blew at my back. In order to get more close to the natural environment, I opened the windows to take a look. Surprisingly, a cobra slithered into my room from one of the windows. I was really frightened by the scene. I screamed loudly when I saw it was sticking its tongue out. On the other hand, I saw a cat moving slowly just behind the cobra. Beyond my expectations, the cat crawled into the room and jump onto the cobra immediately. It was really unbelievable! Continued with a fierce battle, both of them were seriously injured and their breathing became faint. At this moment, my mother broke into my room to check out why I screamed. She was so brave that she didn’t feel any surprise to see a cobra and a cat in my room! Then, more surprisingly, she grabbed the cobra and threw it out of my room. At the end, the cat was allowed to stay and admitted to be our “security guard” to expel hidden mice in our house.



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    Just a suggestion:

    Last summer I went to India for holiday with my family, and I would never forget what was happened during this trip.

    From my memory, the weather was extremely hot, it was around 40°C, so I decided to have a bath using a wooden tub. It was really nice as I cooled down a little bit. I then opened all the windows and enjoy the surround nature. When I was enjoying this beautiful environment, a cobra suddenly came into my room through the window. I didn't realize this really happened to me! It was so disgusting as I saw its tongue was flicking. I was in shock and I didn't know what to do except screaming.

    At the same time I saw a cat moving slowly towards the cobra and tried to catch it. They then started to fight. They both were badly injured and fainted after the fighting. At that time my mother ran into my room as she heard my scream. She was very calm when she saw a cobra in my room. She then threw the cobra out of my room through the window. My mother was really brave; I'm sure I could never do this. We let the cat stay in our house as a "security guard" and helped to catch mice while we live there.

    (hope this helps, cheers)

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