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* xx先生,請進診間看診

* 請到一樓批價後領藥,下次預約日期是~

* 急照片,不用繳費,請到放射診斷科櫃檯登記,照完後回診間

* 先繳費,然後到心肺室作心電圖,做完後回到診間投單

* 繳費後到內視鏡室/核醫科排時間做檢查

* 請到一樓批價後領藥,再到B1治療室打針

* 回診前3-5天空腹抽血,抽血櫃檯的服務時間為7:30至18:00,星期六只到12:30

* ~醫師今天沒有看診,不在門診區,請在他~~門診時再過來


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    The ~~ branch position is (e.g. goes straight perhaps right-turn in ~~ counterclockwise and so on)

    * xx gentleman, please enter examines looked examines

    * welcome do decide on a price after a building gets the medicine, next time will make an appointment the date is the ~

    * anxious picture, will not use the payment, welcome to the radiodiagnosis branch counter registration, after return examines

    * pays expenses first, then will make the electrocardiogram to the cardiopulmonary room, after will complete returns to examine throws the list

    * payment to make the inspection to an endoscope room/nuclear medical department row of time

    * welcome to decide on a price after a building gets the medicine, then will arrive the B1 treatment room to give an injection

    * returns examines previous 3-5 day empty stomach to draw blood, draws bloodThe counter service time is 7:30 to 18:00, Saturday only today has not looked to 12:30

    * Doctor ~ examines, not in outpatient service area, please when his ~~ outpatient service again come


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