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小包 asked in 社會與文化語言 · 1 decade ago

急急急 請英文高手幫忙















of a liftime

bring sb.good/badluck

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    小麵包, 昨天花了整個午休時間回答你的問題, 晚上回家後發現你已將發問移除, 好傷心 ...不久卻發現原來同樣的問題你同時 PO兩個, 一個贈點20(得到答案後移除), 一個贈點5(就是這個), 我的答覆再次給你, 希望你別再移除了 ...


    1- Congratulations ! You passed the exam.

    2- Congratulations for winning the contest.

    3- Congratulations to you, you won the first prize.

    4- He sent me a card with congratulations.

    5- He said “Congratulations” and shook my hand.

    6- Congratulations! You bought a new house.


    1- He invented an excuse for his delay.

    2- The bulb was invented by Edison.

    3- Don’t invent, just tell me the truth.

    4- Is this musical cup invented by you ?

    5- The teacher invented a story for the children.

    6- He likes designing and inventing.


    1- It is dangerous to play on the railroad

    2- A train is speeding on the railroad.

    3- The workers are constructing a new railroad.

    4- Is this railroad inactive?

    5- It is noisy living near railroads.

    6- This railroad is quite long.


    1-Climbing the mountain is tiring.

    2-I don’t like sports, too tiring.

    3-I don’t like shopping, it is very tiring.

    4-A boring conversation is tiring.

    5-It is tiring to run from here to the station.

    6-It is tiring to walk for three hours.


    1-You win the lottery !

    2-I never win a lottery.

    3-To win a lottery, it depends on luck.

    4-You will be rich if you win the lottery.

    5-Lottery symbolizes a hope for many people.

    6-Don’t buy the lottery, it is a waste of money.


    1-What’s the message delivered?

    2-He sent me a message by cell phone.

    3-I could not hear his message clearly.

    4-He’s not here, please leave your message.

    5-The author is expressing his message with the drawings.

    6-He asked me to bring his message to you.


    1-I won’t be available tonight.

    2-Will you be available tomorrow?

    3-These seats are available.

    4-Once available, I will call you.

    5-He will try to make himself available for the party.

    6-I can go for you, if you are not available.

    2009-04-22 08:29:56 補充:


    1-You can call me anytime.

    2-Anytime is OK for me.

    3-Don t call at anytime you want, that s bothering.

    4-You are welcome to visit me anytime.

    5-I will be by your side anytime you need me.

    6-I am flexible, drop by anytime.

    2009-04-22 08:30:14 補充:


    1- Click the mouse

    2- Click the icon on the panel

    3- You can take a photo just with a simple click.

    4- Follow the instruction to double click the mouse.

    5- The non-stopping click sound is driving me crazy.

    6- He clicked the mouse and the program began to run.

    2009-04-22 08:30:29 補充:


    1- Grab the opportunity.

    2- Grab the grip.

    3- Don’t grab my cloth.

    4- He grabbed the money and ran away.

    5- He grabbed the tree to prevent falling down.

    6- He grabbed her arm tightly.

    2009-04-22 08:30:43 補充:


    1- Will you marry me ?

    2- I don’t want to get married.

    3- She married him two years ago.

    4- Don’t marry him, he is a bad man.

    5- Marry him, you will be happy.

    6- My sister is married to a merchandiser.

    2009-04-22 08:30:58 補充:


    1- He surprised me with a diamond ring.

    2- I will give her a surprise tonight.

    3- I like surprises.

    4- Don’t be surprised when you see the result.

    5- There are good surprises and bad surprises.

    6- Are you surprised ?

    2009-04-22 08:31:11 補充:


    1- He has a lot of fortune, he is rich.

    2- She deserves such fortune, she is a nice lady.

    3- She can read people’s fortune by looking into the eyes.

    4- He spent all his fortune on traveling.

    5- He won the lottery, that’s a fortune !

    6- I don’t have such good fortune, I lost the game.

    2009-04-22 08:31:40 補充:

    of a lifetime

    1- This is a matter of a lifetime.

    2- Learning is an issue of a lifetime.

    3- Marriage is a vow of a lifetime.

    4- Family is a relationship of a lifetime.

    5- This is a shame of a lifetime.

    6- This is a honor of a lifetime.

    2009-04-22 08:31:59 補充:

    bring sb.good/badluck

    1-This keychain will bring you good luck.

    2-Spill the salt will bring you bad luck.

    3-Walk under the ladder will bring you bad luck.

    4-Smiling will bring you good luck.

    5-This token of love will bring us good luck.

    6-This ring left by mom will bring us good luck.

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