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拜託 幫我中翻英一下 急

幫我中翻英一下 不要翻譯軟體的那種喔




第三段順便幫我加一下 謝謝







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    1 decade ago
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    Everyone has their own admirable idol. In our free time, we can kill our time with our idols’ songs, dramas or movies for amusement. Of course, I am no exception, and my idol is the popular singer in the show business- Zhou Jielun.

    Zhou Jielun has charming eyes, and creative brain. Almost all his songs are created by himself. Recently, he plays a movie which is called “ Kungfu Dunk”. He had taken the acrobatic combat for 45 days, and persisted in playing by himself instead of the substitute actor. He tried to perform perfectly. It is worth to learn his attitude that doesn’t let his movie fans down. He is not only an actor but also a director. “ Untold secret” is the movie which was directed and played by him. The film’s technique is exquisite, and the plot is soul-stirring.

    Nobody is the acme of perfection. Although Zhou Jielun is a versatile idol, however, he also has negative news such as he showed the paparazzi his middle finger and hit the paparazzi on the street. Through the report, the media said that he is impatient of dealing with some troubles. I think this news let him and all audience learn how to face the trouble and difficulties. After all, we should use our wisdom to resolve all problems not violence

    I like Zhou Jielun. Except to appreciate his all-around skills, I also appreciate his filial piety. He has turned his filial obedience for his grandmother and his mother into songs to let everybody knows the importance of filial piety. Therefore, we should learn his behavior and thinking. Sometimes we should take his behavior as our mirror to correct our bad behavior.

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