Ideas for wedding favors?

Help, I am planning my wedding, it is on June 27th, I can not come up with any ideas for the wedding favors. My plan is to make them, limited budget and all. Does anyone have any good ideas? Thanks

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    Wedding favors can be just about anything- the ones I've seen and have on occasion made myself include:

    -Those little colored wedding mints in mesh sachets with bows and the bride and groom's names and wedding date on a tag.

    -Little cardboard folded boxes with candy inside (again with names and date).

    -Bubbles (it gets messy though when you pour it).

    If you look up 'hand made wedding favors' in image searches you'll probably find some ideas. Some fun ones i've seen include:

    -Cheap little candles with ribbons glued to them.

    -Or even chocolate dipped fortune cookies- just find a fortune cookie recipe and some dipping chocolate that you can heat in the microwave. Then just wrap them in clear cellophane (or colored if it matches your wedding).

    -I've even seen matchbooks- if you don't want to go through a company and have them printed on with your names and date, then you can just buy a bunch of blank ones and then print up labels with cute print and just stick them on yourselves!

    -I've also seen cute little vellum envelopes with bows through the openings to seal them with the bride and grooms name and date on them with colorful mints or chocolates in them.

    -Along the fortune cookie line, you could make flower shaped cookies and just dip half in chocolate and then package them.

    Just remember that if you go the food route, then just remember that chances are you will have to do it just before the wedding day- you don't want it to go stale. But if you use candy or mints, you can do it further ahead of time. Why not get together with your bridal party and have a favor making party?

    Happy favor making!

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    You can make Wedding Favors yourself. Some ideas are:

    1) S'more Love!

    2) Table Number Bucket

    3) Flower Photo Holder

    4) Petal Toss Cones

    5) Mini Favor Bags

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    We're on a limited budge also (trying to keep total costs under $1500).

    We're doing a candy bar! Simple, easy and unique!

    During the reception, the candy bar will be set up. I'll be picking up some unique looking large glasses/vases from a local thrift store, filling them with an assortment of candy, and getting some cute little 'candy-bags' for the guests for fill up for themselves. I'm also getting some wooden letters from the doller store and painting them in our wedding will say "Sweet Love" at the head of our candy buffet.

    Our guest list is at about 100. We're expecting around 70 for the actual wedding. I figure our budget for EVERYTHING in the candy bar will be $200 or under.

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    I am all for edible favors. What we are doing (which I think will be simple, elegant, and tasty) are home made truffles in little jewel boxes. The jewel boxes were 10 cents each at a local craft store, we bought some ribbon in our main color to accent it. My fiance and I have practiced making the truffles, they are super simple and so fun to make together. We've had a lot of fun playing around with them, rolling them in different coatings, etc. We'll place them at each setting and it can be enjoyed that evening or taken home for a midnight snack. :-) I need to practice this stuff, but the actual favors (including ribbon, boxes, and stuff for truffles) will cost us under $50. Not bad.

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    Buy some netting from a fabric shop you will not need much, some thin ribbon in your colors, see if the craft store has tags you can write your names on, then place Hershey's Kisses or something like that in each one (2 or 3) and there you go. Very simple, very cheap to do.

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    ok im only 12 but maybe like the things that will melt inside and the jellybeans i think would be a good idea. but like ur haveing the wedding out side so ur going to be outside most of the time so i would say the people who really dont want to be outside after the wedding coulsd be inside just have like some stuff inside but it is ur wedding so i say do whatever u want nobody can stop its ur special day have fun good luck hope my advice helped u alittle

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    hi there sonia

    i personally like something you can keep, we are doing stubbie holders for the guys and maybe hand fans for the ladies or keyrings as a suggestion look on ebay you can get bulk items and pay a whole heap less another ides is winne pourers and stoppers you can get 50 of then for around AUD$150 inc postage ebay is fantastic and i swear by it i have saved hundreds. good luck

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    Many couples will register at their favorite stores and/or they will use a universal gift registry where they can list gift ideas from many places. Typically the couple has spent some time in choosing the gifts to list on their registry and purchasing a gift from the wedding registry should always be a safe gift. It may be difficult to find something that every member of the wedding party will like; in that case, it might be easier to pick out different gifts for each person. Make sure you keep track of how much you're spending on each person so you spend roughly the same amount on each of the gifts.

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