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What do you think of these lyrics?

Don't look at the bright side and don't be a pessimist

Realize what sucks then work hard to change it

Any problem will fall before human minds combined

We will fix this troubled world one problem at a time

Yes we've still got war for conquest for resource

Yes we've still got starvation up and down the third world

And yes we've still got hours work for pennies wage

And yes I still think we will beat it someday

Yes we've still got hatred and bigoted thoughts

Religious fundamentalism influencing laws

We've got freedom fighters painted as terrorists

But when we choose to fight back we can defeat it

Got corruption worldwide bursting at the seams

We've killed the innocent and let the guilty run free

For reasons of profit and reasons of oil wells

But together we can still save the world from this hell

Bridge (sort of):

Yes it's a broken world that we live in

But I know together we can fix it

Stand up stand strong together my friends

And never let yourself feel lost or helpless


Now we stand at the crossroads of history

Are we going to stay on the road we've been taking

Will we continue on the path of hunger, endless war

Or are we finally ready to create something more

Cause I think it's time for us to take a new path

Time to choose something different at long last

But will we really go down that road of change

Well that depends on what path you choose to take

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    I like the message you are trying to send and all, but the lyrics could use a little change to them. but it also depends on the style you want to do it. i try to rhyme the whole time i do a song

    "I try to save the life

    but you didn't listen

    so you grab the knife

    and watch it glisten"

    but its also the flow you use when you sing it too. Put either way I give you mad props for posting this, and the message it brings is amazing.

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  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    it would make for a good sXe song

    it reminds me of Code of Honor

    check them out.

    they were before the sXe movement but jonathan christs lyrics actually had something positive to say.

    Im serious you might like them if youre into straightcore

    code of honor

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  • 1 decade ago

    i actually think this is really true. I would say its kind of motivational but it definitely does speak for itself. mostly everyone knows these facts and this is like a call to action sort of thing. its basically saying to change the hell this world has become...I think they r really good =). but the thing is that no one really has the courage to listen to these motivational lyrics anymore...and that really sucks. =(

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