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Pre-Med student, dropping microbiology? (Affect me non-financially?, show on transcrip?) 1 month before finals?

Hey guys, IM a premed student. Im currently taking Chem 2,Anatomy 2, Micro, + religious Honors class. 19 credits total. + volunteering at a hospital.

I want to know if i can drop Microbiology, because im planning to take genetics instead next year. The teacher isn't too great and gives tests made by the other micro teacher, which has 40% of the material on it she actually taught us.

I dont want to risk doing bad, I just want to know if i withdrawled / dropped it. Would that show on transcript for med school? my grades are A's and less B+'s. Please tell me , because im stressed enough.

Would it appear anywhere? that i dropped micro? =**(


Thank u so much for reading this guys

Happy Easter

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    If you dropped your Microbiology class before the drop deadline your college has set then it wouldn't appear in your transcript and the med school would not be able to see it. However if you drop Microbiology after the deadline it will show as a W (for withdrawn) which is a barely better than failing the class. You should talk to your school counselor to make sure first before you drop it.

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