Ramadan: Should I wear a jilbab?

I think that's what it's called, or I think some call it an abaya....

I go to an Islamic school so I wear one five days a week, but I don't wear it out of choice.

Recently, I think I've begun to understand Islam more, and I really want to become a better Muslim, Alhamdulillah :)

So, I'm one of those people who really care about what they wear, I used to wear skinny jeans and I know it's not good, but I did, I found that I felt sort of exposed in them, so I wear them much less and I no longer wear 3/4 sleeves and I also wear looser and longer tops, Alhamdulillah.

Yet, I don't feel like this is enough, I still get stupid guys in my Saturday class looking at me, and I feel really embarrassed and uncomfortable when they do.

I'm just worried what people will say, because my mum doesn't wear it and neither do a lot of my family, but I really want to....

When I told my parents, they thought I was going to change my mind in a few days so they didn't really take me seriously, now that they know I'm not joking, they completely support me, and I think they actually want me to wear it, my best friend on the other hand, who knows me better than anyone, was really shocked, but she said it's a good idea....after university. I'm only in school at the moment.

So, is it Fardh to wear it and if so, do you [girls] wear one yourself?

For those who don't know what a Jilbab is, it's something like this:


If I do decide to tart wearing a jilbab, I think I'll wear it official in the cinema, which is going to be soooo freaky, but my friend keep telling me I won't be alone, so, yeah, Insha'Allah :)


hmm, I think the pic might only work for the UK, maybe, I'm not sure.... :\ Sorry..

Update 2:

@tomknight-what on earth are you saying?

Update 3:

@33 lashes- I don't feel oppressed at all.....

Update 4:

Allah's slave: yup sis, that's the one :)

Update 5:

LOL, light or dark blue?

Update 6:

OK, dark, I'll buy one ASAP, Insha'Allah :)

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    Firstly, it's great that your family is very supportive of your decision considering they don;t wear it and second you are on the right path sister...it seemes like your figuirng out what modesty is all about and how the hijab and moderate dressing actually liberates a woman....forces other to see her personality and intelligence and not as an object...

    It is fardh for a woman to dress modestly, I don;t know thw exact verse but I believe it is mentioned in Sura Nisa...

    The hijab is a personal choice, something a women does for her creater first of all but we all know the many benifits of it....

    If you want to wear one you should start now when your iman is strong, who has gauranteed you life until or after univeristy....the most rewards are given when yougnsters in their prime turn towards God, when their desires are the strognest...

    May Allah bless you in your new path,


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    Waleekum Assalam wa ramatullahi wa baraktu. I do not understand why a jilbab would be a problem. A mother who wears hijab would be happy for her daughter to wear jilbab. Plus there are so may cool looking ones out there, it would be fun and cool in the summer to wear such!

  • Assalaamu alaikum, you can find some nice articles about hijaab at:

    "Regarding the Hijaab"


    Some sisters especially like the article:

    "Hijaab is Beautiful"


    And if you like abayas.... well there is a special sale going on in the month of April for abayas. See:

    "TROIDStore Special: Amazing April Abaya Sale"


    Source(s): http://www.troid.org (TROID - The Reign of Islaamic Da'wah)
  • mashAllah sis, if you want to wear one then go ahead and wear one. you said some guys look at you and it makes you feel uncomfortable so then i guess it would be right for you to wear a jibab. it's a very good thing that your family is supporting you. i don't wear one but i do wear a hijab and someday inshAllah i will wear an abaya.

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  • Alhumdulilah sis .. great choice .. but site doesn't work for me :( .. anyways Islam encourages to wear Hijab and cover ur hair and neck i am guessing that is what u got in the pic too ... and i hope ur parents don't say anything about it .. i do not wear a hijab unfortunatly cuz of some problems .. but i will start wearing one too inshallah !!

    May Allah (swt) guide u and bless u !! .. Mashallah .. Mashallah .. Mashallah .. May Allah (swt) bless u with infinte happinesses .. May you always bloom like beautiful flower :) !!

    Edit: i just saw one its beautiful .. the long lenghty coat thing right with hijab ??

    Edit: ohhh its beautiful .. i am sure you will look beautiful muslimah in those .. i dont y but i wana suggest the color blue :P

    Edit: dark i am guessing .. :P

    Edit: awwwww .. but u know u dont have to go with it if you dont like .. if you like some other color go for it .. but i have feeling my sisoo will look good in blue ... and wow GO SISTERS IN THE BOTTOM !! :P

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    yes. there is nothing wrong with wearing one and we are to wear something long and loose. and that is the best thing to wear within the limits of Islam

    not only does it add to the beauty of a muslim woman, but it also completes the definition of "hijab"

    you get much ajr (reward) for wearing it.

    Source(s): one who wears jilbab
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    Wear it sister. You sound like you really want to . It's a little more dramatic, so I feel a little more on the spot when i wear one. Still it's a good feeling to be so modest. The more covered the better. Salam

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    i do not really like it to much. its up to you yaar.

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