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dachshund vs. cavalier k.c. spaniel, witch is taller at the shoulder?

when i was looking for a dog breed i narrowed it down to a dachshund and a cavalier k.c. spaniel, its been about 3 months and i got a dachshund, hes names Mikko, hes 12 inches to the shoulder, i was wondering witch of the two dog breeds is taller??? i like smaller dogs


i haven't bases a breed on how tall it is, i was wondering if a doxie was smaller

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    the K.C but honestly don't get a dog based on how tall it is. dachshunds are...saucy to the point of driving some people nuts and can be quite nippy and hard headed. Also they are much heavier than they look, prone to back problems, and all that good stuff.

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    The k.c spaniel

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