Please help me find an ancestor's parents?

My question is about my greatx6-grandmother who I have on my family tree as being named Anna Browning. She was the wife of Isaac Eggleston (the son of Joseph Eggleston and Sarah Mott) and the mother of my greatx5 grandfather Isaac Eggleston who fathered my greatx4 grandmother Mary Eggleston with Mary Partelow. So anyway, I have spent hours searching google and various genealogy websites and I can't find anything on the parents of Anna Browning. Perhaps not so surprising since she died over 300 years before I was born but the thing is I live in New Zealand so most of the information for my early new england ancestry has come from the internet. Now the internet told me that Mrs Eggleston was born as Anna Browning and the majority of places said she was born Kingstowne, Rhode Island in around 1714 (now not all places say that, some have new york state and some even go as late as 1732 for the birthdate).

If we know she was born in the early part of the 18th century, in New England and with the maiden name Browning, why is it that I can not find anything on her parents?

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    B: About 1710 , Kingston, Washington, Rhode Island (OR: 1715 Kingstowne, , Washington, Rhode Island )


    Married: About 1735 ,Stonington, New London, Connecticut to


    B: About 1713 Kingstowne, Washington, Rhode Island

    D: 17 NOV 1787

    (NOTE: Had another listing for her giving name as ANNE Browning, and a marriage date of Dec. 25, 1775. I doubt highly she'd have waited over 60 years to get married, so I'd bet more on the 1735 date.)

    Another listing for ANN BROWNING, b. 1734 Kingston, Washington, Rhode Island has her parents as: JOHN BROWNING & ANN HAZARD.

    A listing for a 1737 birth year in South Kingston, RI gives a death date of 1770, and same parents' names.

    On,/ it shows ANN BROWNING, b. 1732, with parents JOHN BROWNING, b. 4 Mar 1696 & d. 1767 in Rhode Island, and ANN HAZARD, b. Feb 28-1701 & d. 1770 in R I. But, no spouse is listed for Ann B.

    Isaac Eggleston

    Birth: 1714/ 1715 in Kingstowne, Kings, Rhode Island

    Death: 17/ 19 NOV 1787 in Stonington, New London, Connecticut

    Burial: 1787 Voluntown, Conn

    (PARENTS: Joseph Eggleston b: 1677 in Windsor, Hartford, CT ; d. 5 SEP 1767 in Stonington, New London, CT; Married: ABT 1709 in Windsor, Hartford, CT to

    Sarah Mott b: ABT 1696 in Portsmouth, Newport, R I; d. BEF 1720)

    Children of Isaac & Anna Browning:

    1.Anna Eggleston

    2.Martha Eggleston

    3.Isaac Eggleston* b: 1735 in Stonington, New London, Connecticut

    4.John Eggleston b: ABT 1740 in Connecticut

    5.Elisha Eggleston b: 25 SEP 1744

    6.Asa Eggleston b: ABT 1747 in Stonington, New London, Connecticut

    7.Samuel Eggleston b: ABT 1748

    8.Joseph Eggleston b: BEF 1755

    9. Wilkinson Eggleston b. b: Abt 1757 in Hopkinton,Washington Co.,Rhode Island (Mother listed as Anna WILKERSON--Isaac's 2nd wife; and had sister named Anna ECCLESTON b: Abt 1761 in Hopkinton,Washington Co.,Rhode Island) has longer version of Isaac, Sr's will.

    (NOTE: Will of Isaac was probated in 1787, and proved 17

    Nov. 1787. indicates Anna was still alive. He mentioned wife Anne (Browning), grand-daughters, Deliverance Wells and Sarah and Martha Wilkinson, plus other children. All his sons came to New York State, except the son Wilkinson who died.)

    ISAAC EGGLESTON's family tree back to 5th Great-grandparents--born in early 1500's in Yorkshire, England.

    Sarah Mott (Isaac's mother) back to her 2nd great-grandparents, born about 1570 in Essex, England.

    (*Note last name spelling difference):

    Isaac Eccleston*

    Birth: 1735 in Stonington, New London, Connecticut

    Death: ABT 1780 in Winterbury, Connecticut

    (Father: Isaac Eccleston b: ABT 1715 in Kingston, Washington, R I

    Mother: Anna Browning b: ABT 1714 in Kingston, Washington, R I)

    Married: 15 JAN 1755 in Voluntown, New London, Connecticut to:

    Mary Partello

    Birth: ABT 1734 in Voluntown, New London, CT


    They were married by Wait Palmer, Elder.; according to "VITAL RECORDS OF VOLUNTOWN, WINDHAM CO., CONN. Vol. 1, page


    Isaac Eggleston, Sr.'s will:

    "EGGLESTON MANUSCRIPT, IV. pages 29-31, by F. E. Robbins.

    "Stonington Prob. Rec. V, 78 has: Will of Isaac Eaglston of Stonington yoeman...23 Dec 1780...whatever God hath blessed me with and that I have not already given away.

    To six sons, Isaac, Asa, Elisha, Joseph, Samuel, and John all carpenter tools, farming tools, and clothes.

    To daughter Anna Wells

    To granddaughter Sarah Eaglston daughter of son Wilkenson, 1 cow.

    To granddaughter Martha Eaglston, daughter of son Wilkenson, bedstead and feather bed.

    To granddaughter Martha Wells,

    To granddaughter Deliverance Wells,

    To my wife Anna, riding mare, side saddle, use of land, house and tools.

    I give to three sons Elisha, Joseph and Samuel equal shares of the remaining parts of Cedar swamp in Voluntown, it being all the land that I have not already given away. Samuel Rogers Jr., John Kinyon, Francis West, witnesses. Will of Isaac Eaglestone exhibited by Asa Eglstone, one of the executors, 19 Nov 1787. Court appoints Joseph Eglston 21 Nov 1787."

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    This is what I found:

    John Browning; born 04/Mar/1695; died 1767 Kingston, Rhode Island

    + Ann Hazard; born 28 Feb 1701; died 1770 Kingston, Rhode Island

    Married: 1721

    Daughter: Anna Browning born 1734 in Kingston, Washington County, Rhode Island.

    Source(s):; U.S. and Intern'l Marriage Records; Sweet-Dowsey Family Tree
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