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I was wondering if anyone has any experience with Paws in Chelsea dog boarding place in NY?

I was wondering if anyone has any experience with "Paws in Chelsea" the Greenwich Street location. I've done a research but I'm not 100%. They seem like a nice place, but I'd love to get some more feedback on them, particularly on how they deal with puppies. Thanks everyone!

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    I would not recommend them based on what I have heard from some dog owners. I don't recommend boarding dogs in general, and puppies in particular, at a boarding place.

    Despite what any of the so called dog hotels and dog spas say, the dogs are not supervised at all times, and having large groups of dogs that are unfamiliar with each other in an indoor enclosed area is not safe for them. This is why you will inevitably find at least some bad reviews for crateless boarding places reporting dogs being returned with injuries from dog aggression.

    In addition, notwithstanding requirements that all dogs be up to date on their shots, there are lots of diseases (there's a reason one of then is called kennel cough) that get passed on when large groups of dogs are exposed to one another in crateless boarding places.

    While sometimes there is no alternative, if you must board your dog, and are concerned for its physical well being, I would recommend boarding it at a veterinary hospital. While your dog may not be as happy being in a facility that does crated boarding (or happy at all), he or she will be safe and well cared for by the veterinary staff and if there is a medical emergency your dog will be exactly where he or she needs to be to receive immediate attention.

    The most ideal service to use for a dog is a bonded pet-sitting service. Your dog will get a lot more human attention than it would get at any boarding place and would avoid any anxiety from being confined to a crate for long periods of time. These services use dog lovers who can either keep the dog at their place while you are gone or stay at your place (the least traumatic way for the dog). They generally do not charge more than the dog boarding places and to the extent they do, it is worth the peace of mind knowing that your dog is receiving the individual attention and care of a mutual dog lover.

    The only real drawback for pet-sitting services is that they usually require much more advance notice than a dog boarding place to find an appropriate person to take care of your pet.

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