When you get adopted - what is on the childs part?

Like - What does the child have to do if anything, And the soon to be parents, what do they sign and stuff. I want to write a novel and it so happens to include adoption, but i have no experience or know anybody with it. So could someone please tell me what happens?

Also, do the parents just go up to a kid and say "I want that one?"

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    There is a HUGE process when it comes to adopting kids. There is a ton of paperwork, home inspections, legal issues, background checks, interviews from references or friends of the prospective parents... it's a huge process.

    A case worker will represent the child (along with maybe dozens of other children). Case workers usually represent specific kinds of kids. Some specialize in kids with specific mental disabilities, some specialize in kids whose parents had drug problems, some specialize in kids who can't speak English.

    There is also someone who works for the parents, a representative who knows all the laws and can help the parents with the paperwork and who works with case workers.

    Before a child is adopted, the parents know everything about the child from the case worker's files. They know the child's history, whether they've been to court, if they've been diagnosed with a disease, how many places they've lived, what kind of problems the child has had, what kinds of grades the child has.

    Once the child's case worker has met with the parents and has decided that the parents might be a good match, the parents are allowed to meet the child. They come to the foster home or group home and just talk with the child, to see if there is a connection, to see if the child responds to them.

    Then they might come again the next weekend. Then they might take the kid out for some ice cream and a movie. This whole time, they're just "friends" - there's no way they could say they want to take responsibility for a child so soon, so there's this 6-8 week "getting to know you" process. Sometimes it's longer and sometimes it's shorter. For every child, the process is different, because no two kids are the same. Sometimes there are a lot of phone calls... sometimes the kid already starts to call the prospective parents "mom" and "dad" during the transition.

    After that, when the case worker reviews the relationship and, in some special cases, multiple case workers discuss the child and the adoption with the parents and the parent's representative, they say "okay, everything's good! You can ask the child if he wants to be part of your family."

    So, the parents have another meeting with the child, and this time they ask if the child wants to be adopted. The child can say no, or they can say yes. If the child isn't mentally capable of making a decision, the case worker might make the decision for him or her.

    That's an extremely abbreviated version. I'd suggest going to adoption forums for parents, to listen to their conversations about the adoption process.


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    I think they have to "befriend" the child first and then go through the whole process.

    Phone your local social services or children's home and tell a social worker you're writing a novel about adoption but you have no experience and ask them how it works.

    Source(s): read the story of tracey beaker and the sequel, the dare game both by jacqueline wilson.
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