How do you think White people in general will feel when minority males take over the Quarterback position?

We all know for decades now that the Quarterback position has been the most valued position in all of pro sports. Those who watch pro football know that the Quarterback is almost always White on the pro football teams, I am a White person asking this and I love my race but this is just a question that comes to my mind, I personally would not mind having a Quarterback who is Non White lead my favorite team, heck I actually want to see an Asian QB.

We are used to seeing a White QB, eventually minorities will takeover, how will Whites feel? (I am Liberal and I usually hang out with a lot of Asians, Hispanics and Blacks, I hang out with not a lot of White people).

I am talking about the White people down South (Texas of course)

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    1 decade ago
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    Yes, it is true we are used to seeing White Quarterbacks and especially in the NFL this is evident. Except for Donovan McNabb and some others, most QBs in the NFL are White. Ever since Doug Williams not one Black QB has ever won the Superbowl, and the worst thing is, when an African American is at the Quarterback position, he gets scrutinized by "the man". Just look at Michael Vick, he got 1 year in prison for dog fighting, now if that was Peyton Manning or Tom Brady (my favorite player) doing that, they would not have got any crap or any jail time.

    The thing is, this trash starts at an early stage. Racism still exists to some extent and it is common in states like Texas and California where football is worshiped. The high school Quarterbacks in those states are usually White because the coaches at the high school level in those states are extremely racist. Now when you miss high school football at the QB position, you are far behind and it takes time for you to catch up, and when you do get to the college level, "the man" is there to reject you for the QB position, so us Black males have to play either RB, WR or some other position. Now when you play those in college, then in the pros there is little to no chance that you get to play Quarterback.

    I was a Quarterback for my high school team back in Chicago and I was starter my junior year. I played well and in a state like Illinois this thing could take place. In a lot of the blue states this favoritism does not happen (unless you are talking about some parts of California). UNFORTUNATELY, in a lot of Blue states people do not play football. In a lot of the red states people play football heavily, and in red states there is a lot of racism. I have seen it first hand, when we were down in Texas, my older brother

    1. Could throw better

    2. Was built better

    3. Was more athletic

    4. Had better grades

    all those characteristics he possessed over the person he was competing with for the Quarterback position. What characteristic did he not have? Oh, he was Black and the other person was White. The other person got the starting job anyways and the team ended up having a bad season. Too bad the head coach was still around.


    Do not worry though, things are changing and they are changing fast. We are having more Black Quarterbacks and Hispanic Quarterbacks, eventually as the minorities outnumber the Whites in America we will have an Asian Quarterback soon, you will see less Whites at the QB position. I have nothing against White people and I like them a lot, but when I say I like White people, I mean I like the ones from the North who are liberal. I hate Texans and the conservative men who still hold on to racist beliefs.

    White people in general will have mixed emotions, the ones up north will not care as long as the team wins. The ones in Texas will get pissed and everything but hey, just like the 08 election, what are they going to do?

    Source(s): Edit: LOL Cristina! Never knew that you liked football. Yes us African Americans are dominating the NFL but we get the crap positions like Linebacker and Runningback, where it is easy to get hurt.
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    5 years ago

    I don't know but maybe you are thinking that sexist minority men should be more understanding because they go through it too with being treated as 2nd class human beings? Racist white women are in the same situation, though, because they clearly don't see common ground with other races. I don't know if white women who are racist are more likely to also be sexist and prefer traditional gender roles. What pisses me off about sexism by minority males is that their sexism is so petty. It's like "I'm being oppressed so I'm going to be down on women in turn" like it's some pecking order of injustice. What pisses me off about racism by white women is that whether or not they appreciate ot think about the freedoms and rights that they have today, they don't want others to have them. They want that white skin privilege too. I think there is a difference, maybe significant, between sexist minority men and racist white women. A sexist minority man very likely interacts closely with women every day, as family, girlfriends or wives, and coworkers. A racist white women likely has much less contact with other races.

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    What do you mean "eventually minorities will takeover"?

    The truth is, on average blacks are less intelligent than white people, and they're born that way. I'm not saying there aren't intellligent black guys out there, but finding one is rare. Most blacks aren't smart enough to be a quarterback. And yes, we have seen black quarterbacks already, but they're not as good at being one.

    As for asians, they have the brains, but they're shorter and have less muscle mass. You can find a 6:1' asian guy with enough muscle mass out there somewhere, but ti would be hard, and he might not even like football.

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    5 years ago

    white people general feel minority males quarterback position

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    It's already happening. I think by now they are used to Blacks dominating the NFL. As long as their team is winning, they don't care. They can still have the kicker, for awhile...Lol

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    Anyone who wants to have their face planted on another guys poopshoot and their hands between his legs, can have that job.

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    1 decade ago

    wow, i've never seen an asian football player point blank...i will add that to my list of things to see before i die

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    1 decade ago

    who cares as long as they can lead the team to a winning season

  • 1 decade ago

    I still won't give a damn about football.

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