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Can i get a car loan with bad credit and no down payment?

what would be the interest rate, and monthly payments for a loan for $18,000?

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    Very unlikely.

    No lender will give someone an $18,000 loan for a vehicle who has bad credit and no down payment. At least not without a quality co-signor and strong income.

    99 percent of time, situations like this end up in my office and eventually end with a repossession.

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    I think you better consider that no other dealer would touch it . If you put your 10 grand down only to find out in a few weeks that the dealer financing fell through or they want more money or they will repossess the car where does that put you?. Not to mention what is the interest rate? with a credit score like that your looking at non traditional source of funding. This means a large interest rate. More money for the dealer any way you look at it. I suggest that you hold on to what you have and when you can go make a cash offer five percent below msrp is what dealers usually do for cash. those incentives come with restrictions and most people do not qualify. best of luck don't trust that dealer he sounds too slimy to me already.

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    1. You want to buy a car that cost $ 18,000.00 before financing , insurance ,etc.

    2. You have " bad " credit !

    3. You have no down payment !

    4. Are you serious ??

    First of all you would be lucky to qualify for a loan to buy a used car at least five years old..You are aware of the current credit crisis our nation is in , maybe you are not.You might get a buy here at 25% interest rate / repo here car dealer.. Your best bet would be to save up , buy a car you can afford , try to rebuild your credit and then trade up..

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    Having bad credit can jeopardize you in so many ways that I understand completely what your going through.But the reality of the situation is that everyone who has bad credit will have high interest rates and will definetly have to pay upfront..No one wants to lend someone money when they owe money which sucks..but try to save up alot of money so that way you'll have the down payment and lower your interest rates, thats the only solution i can think of..Theres many options including financing a used car but you have to make sure you have enough to put for a down payment..

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    Maybe, it depends on just how bad your credit is. But the interest rate will be very high. You would be better off to save up some cash for a downpayment and look for less car -- something under $10K. You could then finance it for a shorter period and as long as you paid all the payments on time, you would build some good credit history.

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    Unfortunately, a credit score is a lot easier to damage than it is to repair.  But learning how to fix bad credit may save you from embarrassing loan or credit card denials, or even from being turned down for a new job.

    But there are ways to do the work yourself.  There are also inexpensive kits that are available to help you in taking the right steps.  We offer several on our site.

    If you find yourself in a situation where your credit score has dropped due to late payments, excessive debt, or any of a number of other factors, it is key to take proactive steps to repair your credit by raising your FICO score.  The FICO score is the industry standard for assessing an individual’s credit worthiness and is a numeric grade that is calculated from a variety of historical components around that individual’s payment history and credit management.

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    Save money and pay cash. Have you not learned anything. Come on.

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    This is a joke isn't it?

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    I don't think so.

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