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What is it when your steering wheel jumps when you turn it?

I have a 2002 ford explorer, recently the steering wheel started jumping and jerking when you turn the wheel. im no car expert, so i need a lil help figuring out what it is.

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    i'd have to know exactly how it reacts to be sure.. possibly a bent steering arm or an malfunction in the steering column, possibly a faulty tire...

    or this is very basic but most vehicles come with a steering column height ajustment just on the bottom side of the steering column, make sure the latch is fixed close/locked into position...

    i have read a few other responses, CV joint is possible but there is no way for this to have anything to do with your belt, lol, as for power steering it rather works or doesn't, if it is almost impossible to turn then yes its power steering rack, if not then it has nothing to do with it, if the power steering rack was bent or boots have exposed shaft it won't have any fuild in it and with no fluid will not work at all...

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    Sounds like the power steering fluid is contaminated. The power steering fluid can become badly contaminated as the power steering system wears and the contaminates in the fluid can make the steering wheel stutter or jerk when you turn. The early signs of power steering fluid contamination is steering stutter or jerk when you first start out while the fluid is cold... e.g. jerky steering on cold mornings. You really should have a power steering flush and fluid change about every 60,000 miles. Try that and see if it smoothes the steering and puts an end to that jerky spasmodic stuttering when you turn. I bet it will.

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    If it is Front Wheel Drive it could be the or a CV joint.

    Sounds more like air in the fluid lines. Power Steering is kinda like Power Brakes, one bubble or a few in the line or lines can cause them to behave erratically or not respond at all.

    Could be a tie rod, or a bad grommet, bushing , but I am thinking more along the lines of lines and or the Power Steering Pump.

    Kinda a tough call without a visual inspection as it could be any number of things.

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    could be a bunch of different things so start with the easiest and cheapest first. start by checking your tire pressure.if this isn't the problem go to the next thing you can check on your own the power steering fluid.if that didn't fix it you can check underneath the vehicle and see if the boot is torn for the cv joint .but if you don't know how to do that then take it to a mechanic, the rest of the problems if you are not "good" with cars are best left to a mechanic to check for you

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    if youpersistent it slow are you able to experience the wheel flow somewhat if so then the tyre could be out of shape cv joint won't reason it to drag over till its approximately to co-lapse wheel bearing will Jack up the vehicle and rotate the wheel watch for any uneven stream on the tyre tread I even have considered this many cases pretty with decrease priced tyres

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    Start by checking the fluid level and the belt. Hopefully, it's not a concern with the power steering rack.

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    few things like low power steerring fluid loose belt or air in lines or bad pump could be a bad tire or something bad in front end alignment

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    front axle problem


    get a toyota... or honda

    they last alot longer ..... trust me

    ive been running my camry almost maintenance free for 12 years =D

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    you probably need new tires or more air. i had the same problem the other day and all it was is that i needed more air in the front tires

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    Bad CV joint.

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