AP BIO exam VS. SAT BIO subject test?

Which test is easier?

Do they have similar questions?

What does it mean by E/M?

Are you suppose to take both E/M?

Is it good enough to study the AP Bio Cliff Notes book and take the SAT Bio? or do you have to study a specific SAT bio review book?

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    The SAT bio subject test would be considered the "easier" of the two. Because the AP exam goes into depth on everything that you've learned throughout the year. Whereas the SAT Bio is focused on overall knowledge.

    E/M means Ecology and Molecular, meaning Ecological biology and Molecular biology. This is a part of the SAT Biology test and you take either ecology or molecular biology, NOT both.

    You take either molecular or ecology. The ecology section is considered the "easier" of the two. It focuses on biomes and animals whereas molecular is on molecules and the interactions of molecules in biology (aka cells and the body)

    I think that you'd be very well prepared if you studied for the AP Bio exam and then took the SAT bio exam also.

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    Bio Subject Test

  • Judith
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    4 years ago

    Hi! I'm taking the SAT biology on June 2nd too (the molecular one)! Apparently the AP exam is a lot more in-depth than the SAT, which is good news, but the flip side is that it is a lot easier to get a 5 on the AP exam than to get a good score on the SAT. That's because the curve on the AP is very generous (meaning you can miss up to 15-25 questions and still get a 5), whereas on the SAT exam, you can only miss 1-3 in order to get a 800. So difficulty wise, the AP is probably harder, but the SAT exam is harder to actually "take"...does that make sense? Anywhos, good luck on studying and lets hope we both get 800!!! (Oh, btw for the molecular one, I heard you should study things like muscle, sodium-potassium pump, the role of calcium in muscle contraction...stuff like that :)

  • swuvvy
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    1 decade ago

    SAT bio would be easier because it tests knowledge from high school bio curriculum, whereas AP is first year college material

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    1 decade ago

    only the AP exam will make you eligible for college credit. and any college that requires the SAT bio will accept the AP bio in its place since the AP exam is harder. I suggest taking the AP bio.

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