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What do you prefer? Apple or Dell?


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    Both intel based but the difference is operating systems

    The problem exists when trying to use mainstream microsoft products on a Mac or software that is only written for XP or Vista

    ie like in College that requires all assignments turned in using Word - it can be done but you have to buy more expensive Word for Mac

    The other way is to install Bootcamp on Mac to be able to boot in XP or Vista and run programs before switching back to Leopard or Mac operating system

    Main thing what are you using it for - If school I would suggest the Dell or Microsoft operating system machine just because of compatibility issues with your school

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    It comes down to personal choice, obviously, but Apple uses its own interface operating system, which I personally dislike, there are many people who choose to argue to the contrary. I prefer Dell, not because of the brand name, but because of the fact that it uses the Windows operating system, which I (and a lot of people) feel more comfortable using. However that is not the end of it, apparently Dells computers are made using more stable components than other brand names, in addition its easy to find Windows compatible computers, but Dell is up there because of its customer support and internet support dedication!

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    I prefer Dell becuase more of my programs work with PC. HP is much better though

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    l prefer Dell.

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    For me Dell..

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    Apple over any Windows based PC.

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    apple because there worth the money and there fast and nothing ever goes wrong with them

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    same~! I have dell

    so i don't really know much about apple..

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    Not a MAC

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