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Girls: What is the best thing about your bf's...?

i saw this survey a few minutes ago on the internet and i thought i owuld ask you girls.

what you like best about his personality/character:

Facial feature:

Acts around you:

or anything else you want to add in feel free to do so.


sorry *would

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    my guy's such a gem. I love everything about him. He's so caring. I always wake up in the morning to find his miss calls and sms on my mobile. He keeps inquiring about me and always tells me how much he loves me. He can tell me i love you hundred times in a day without getting tired. We keep sharing and embellishing beautiful dreams of our future together, we are always by each other's side to share the petty things, even the least significant at all. He's always there to listen to me and to counsel me. He puts me on the right track whenever i sway. And this is what makes me love him more. He knows how to handle me.

    I love his lips. I love whenever he kisses my forehead, or just a simple little kiss on my lips to say he's here and he loves me. I love his hands and arms. I feel so much secure when i'm in his arms, as if nothing wrong could happen to me. He's ma shield against all evils and wrongs. He's got really nice hair. I love playing with his hair... :)

    Whenever we're together, he can act a little bit childish but i love that. He's so full of love. We keep joking around and make fun. We can laugh all day in each other's company. He's the gentleman type. When we go out, he's the one who pays the bill... And he buys me everything i like - always caring about my choices, likes and dislikes.

    That's MY MAN!!! :)

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    He is so smart....I learn so much from him. Not a day goes by that he doesn't make me think.

    He makes me laugh all the time. And let's face it, who doesn't love to laugh?

    I don't have to hear him tell me that he loves me....because I FEEL it.

    I can talk to him for over 6 hours on the phone and never get bored. Believe it or not, when we hang up, I am missing him within the first minute.

    He is the type of person that everyone should have has a friend. He is caring and open-minded.....7 people call him their best friend and it is so easy to see why. He thinks about others before himself and has done such kind acts that 99% of others, would never do.

    He is an amazing father to his teenage daughter. I love hearing about his techniques when it comes to parenting, and i plan on using them as my son grows up.

    He is forgiving....definetly not the typical guy. He has more compassion than any other man I have ever met.

    He makes me happy.

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    My fiance sees everything from an unbiased point of view. Sometimes it drives me absolutely crazy, but it always makes so much sense in the end.

    He has absolutely perfect teeth and beautiful eyes. I know lots of people say that about their significant other, but my fiance is complimented on both even by people he doesn't know.

    He was raised by his grandpa, so he is VERY respectful to women. He is such a manly man. With him there is no need to call a plumber, mechanic, or anyone else to fix anything. He is the guy that stops to help everyone on the side of the road, and is happiest in his work boots. He takes pride in everything he does, but what I love the absolute most is the fact that he is just happy. About everything. Always happy.

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    personality: being faithful if that's a trait. when we go out and we see a drop dead gorgeous girl im just staring in amazement (and im the girl) he drags me away and tells me im prettier without a 2nd

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    my boyfriend has the best ability to make me smile, he is always more relaxed around me then anyone else (even his family), he is sensitive, not to mention his is adorable

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    i love the way he can be honest with me and not hide his emotions but also still be a man

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