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How can I get into my husband laptop when it's password protected?

My husband assures me that he has nothing to hide in his computer. However, if he get up for a 1minute break to the restroom, he locks the screen. Is it possible to see the contents of a computer if it is password protected, without having the password? He spends 7-9hrs per day on the computer (can't leave the house to go look for a job). He says that the pc is his and he has a right to his privacy. Is he still involved with ponography?

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    Your husband looking a porn is the least of your problems..If you have a man that don't work and won't even look for work, I think I would kick him to the curb... It might be his pc but my god, a real man gets off his a$$ and works.

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    You probably could, you absolutely shouldn't. He does have a right to privacy. Who knows, maybe he locks because he knows you're looking. Sounds more like a parent-child relationship than a marriage.

    I remember a friend in a similar situation, whose wife was constantly checking on him, even stole his sim card from his phone. He said, if she already thinks I'm guilty, might as well commit the crime.

    I think you guys need some honesty, communication, trust (which is a decision you can make) ... and either a marriage counselor or divorce lawyer.

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    Test...Ask him if you can use it. If he has issues with that, then assume he is hiding stuff on it he doesn't want you to see. maybe stuff he's into that he is afraid to admit or share with you, ie:wanna- be swinger-porn-gay, etc. Most guys are afraid to actually tell their wives what they are into. Best way is honest communication. If he can't do that, you may be on a sinking ship. He does have a right to privacy, but so do you to a REAL marriage. By the way, if HE doesn't work,...who pays the bills for your needs? She who has the $$$ can make the rules.

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    Even married couples have the right to privacy. Privacy doesn't necessarily mean that he is hiding something. But it does raise a few questions. You can get past his screen lock in most cases, but you probably shouldn't. You should tell him your concerns, and trust that he will not get upset but want to prove to you he can be trusted. Be prepared though, undoubtedly there will be some stuff you won't approve of. Recommend you show tolerance, and let him be as long as his actions are generally moral and don't violate your vows. Even if you don't like what you read you have to ask yourself it you are willing to accept it.

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    Everyone has the right of some privacy or hide something. And no one has the right to brake in into this privacy. Even not for a wife or husband.

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    I recently discovered how easy this is when it was done to me. I'm not going to share the information, however, bc it created more problems than it ever could have solved.

    Don't snoop. Talk. Compromise, and be understanding. Don't have rules for your spouse. He's not a child--don't treat him like one.

    Good Luck!!

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    I gave 26 years privacy to my husband and he always said he was happy and withought me he will die. A few months a go while I was cooking and he was in his home office WORKING, I cut frouits and brought it to his office, while I was puting the frouits in his mouth, he closed hid I pad.....OH..... God...our life changed since then...when this time I found out he was cheatin on me almost a year. and he told that woman that I died of Cancer and he never loved me! I got all their conversation and print them out. Now I am divorcing him. I have wasted my 26 years of life. gave him 100% privacy and trust.

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    Just found this thread!!! Hope your happier now!!!

    The last thread left by some immature freak needs a brain transplant, mind you obviously hasn't got one!!! God help the young generation.

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    He is probably looking for someone to replace his nosey, insecure, nagging, meddling, prude wife. My wife use to do this when she was my girlfriend. One day she found out that I was looking for another girl, but it was because she was nagging the hell out of me and not paying attention to what she wasnt doing and more about what I was. She learned to leave my things alone and pay more attention to what she needed to do to keep me from straying. Its simple whatever you wont do, there is someone out there that will. It sounds like you are insecure to the infinite power because you dont want him to look at porn. You have reduced something that is for sexual pleasure and information on things to do in the relationship to cheating. Who do you think you are? When he is on the computer how about you give him some head and see if he doesnt get off the computer then. See women dont understand how men work, then they complain when we dont listen. But you have to do whatever you did prior to you getting married. Open the beaver bank and make that man happy.

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    You should never snoop without his knowing, and he should share his computer and password with you. Marriage is built on trust. Good luck to you.

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