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(+) |' (-) = electric cell

o = bulb

------- or | = connectors

* = nothing

It the bulb light up ?


potential difference 嘅中文係咩

Update 2:

Q1既然電流由高Voltage流至低Voltage,點解會有4V - 2V= 2V e條式

Q2上面個兩粒cell係+-+- 但係如果張下面個粒cell移去上面,三粒cell係味會+-+--+,如果係...咁係味會傳唔到電

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    The bulb will light up.

    Let's assume that the electric cell is 2V per cell.

    The point that the larger electric cell connected to the bulb should be 4V and the point that the smaller electric cell connected to the bulb should be 2V.

    Hence 4V - 2V= 2V

    The potential difference across the bulb should be 2V.

    As there is potential difference, electricity will flow from high potential (4V) to low potential (2V), so the bulb will light up.

    2009-04-18 00:34:24 補充:

    Potential Difference 簡單來說就是兩點Voltage的差別. 只要有conductor(導電體)連接兩點, 而該兩點是有Potential Difference, 便會有電流由高Voltage流至低Voltage.

    2009-04-19 13:32:30 補充:

    Question 1

    That means electricty will flow from the point of 4V to the point of 2V as there is a difference of 2V between them.

    2009-04-19 13:32:40 補充:

    Question 2

    There will still be electricity flow. Actually your description is still the same as the question, just present in different way.

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