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2.A Jazz club owner has both young and old customers.

The demand for drinks by a typical young customer is Q(young customer ) =18-3P .

The demand for drinks by a typical old customer is Q(old customer) =10-2P .

The marginal cost of each drink is $2.

(a)If the owner could separate the groups and practice third-degree price discrimination, what price per drink would be charged to each group? And the profits?

(b) What price will the owner ser if he cannot discriminate between the two groups? And the profit?

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  • 1 decade ago
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    令MR=MC後可得Q=6 P=4 利潤=TR-TC=6*4-6*2=12

    同理可求得老人對飲料的訂價Q=3 P=3.5 利潤=4.5


    利用MR=MC求得Q=9 P=3.8 利潤=16.2


    Source(s): 私立大學學生
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