How can I write a SWOT analysis for Banana Republic clothing store?

I tried to find this kind of information from website. But I could not find any of SWOT analysis for free. They all need to pay to get the information. Can anyone tell me how to do it myself?

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    The SWOT consists of 4 components: Strength, Weaknesses, Opportunities, Threats. These are factors in the internal and external business environment that could affect your business. In your case, I can think of a few:

    Strengths: This represents the internal strengths of the company, or 'what makes your company "better" than others'. Some examples could include; Reputation, location, strong relationships with suppliers/customers, skilled and diligent workforce.

    Weaknesses: This is the weakness of the company and the areas in which it's not good at. Possible examples could be poor past sales performance, lack of qualified staff, bad location, etc.

    Opportunities: This refers to what goes on outside your company which you have no control over. Somethings happening outside may benefit your business, such as a drop in interest rates, or monetary incentives for small businesses from the government.

    Threats: Also refers to the external environment, but these things can harm your business, such as competition, or manufacturing going overseas (transportation costs go up, so do your overhead costs).

    These are the things you need to research and identify. There are many places where you can find information. You can get info from newspapers and magazines, you could log onto government statistics websites, logging onto the company websites, find articles in the school or local library, etc.

    I hope this helps a little. Good luck.

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    With SWOT analysis you usually need to read between the lines. Find as many recent articles you can find about their business practices and see if these were successful or have failed; this will give you their strengths and weaknesses. Then check business articles on their competitors and do the same; have their competitors done well or poorly? If their competitors have done something well, this would be a threat. If their competitors have failed at something, this would be an opportunity for Banana Republic to fill the gap or pick up the pieces.

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    You can use this SWOT analysis generator to write a really good SWOT:

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