Orange County, California?

I would want to have an Orange County CBS Affiliate.

How would i be able to do this would i have to contact the CBS Inc.?

The reason is we here in Orange County mainly get our news for the Los Angeles CBS Affiliate.

The call letters would be KROC and they stand for The Real O.C and the station would be known as CBS O.C. referring to our county's name

I was wondering what channel number would you want CBS O.C. to air on and this would be only for the O.C. (Orange County)


We receive CBS 2 as are local CBS Affiliate, however CBS 2 mostly covers Los Angeles and we don't really get that much news reflecting to Orange County.

In Orane County we need our own news stations for this county.

Orange County is not that much it's its of course smaller than L.A. but there is a lot of be in the O.C. and i would want to have a cbs affiliate for the o.c. but i wouldn't mind CBS 2 still reporting for in the o.c. either.

In my opinion we don't really see that much of the news in Orange County on rare ocations we get news in the o.c. from cbs 2.

Besides, what i put up there would what do you think about the call lettters KROC (The Real O.C.) and what do you think about the station being known as CBS O.C.

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    Write to them:


    7800 Beverly Blvd.

    Los Angeles, CA 90036

    ATTN: Network Affiliates

    Best of luck !

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    you have to many big words i dont understand your question sorry

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