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Um... In Rockford IL?

I moved here a while ago and from what i can tell... it's more boring than any other place i have ever lived. So is there anything to do here? Like, i used to like seeing local bands play but im not 21 so i cant get into bars... I also like skating but everything here is highways and stripmalls. So is there ANYTHING to do here? Anything at all.

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    The Rockford area is known as an outdoor destination, especially in the non-winter months. Numerous forest preserves surround the Kishwaukee River valley, five miles (8 km) southeast of the downtown area. Rock Cut State Park is located within the county to the northeast. Both the Rockford Park District and Winnebago County Forest Preserve District own and operate numerous golf courses as well. In fact, Golf Magazine called Aldeen Golf Club one of 50 excellent national golf courses one can play for under $50. Aldeen was ranked #38 in the nation in 2004.

    Rockford's Anderson Japanese Gardens has been ranked the top Japanese garden in North America. The garden was designed by Hoichi Kurisu. The Klehm Arboretum and Botanic Garden is also a popular attraction. The facility contains 150 acres (0.6 km2) of rare trees and shrubs.

    Burpee Museum of Natural History, located just north of downtown, is home to Jane the Rockford T-Rex. The Discovery Center Museum contains a large and well-respected interactive children's science exhibit. The Rockford Art Museum completes the entire museum campus.

    Another point of interest is the Coronado Theatre, an ornately decorated vaudeville movie theater located in Downtown Rockford. The theatre was completely restored in 1999. The tallest building in Rockford is the former Faust Hotel. It was built in 1929 and has many art deco features. It has a tower several stories above the rest of the building, topping off at 15 stories (186 ft) The Hotel Faust was the center of social life and visits by V.I.P.s for decades. The 'Faust' building is now used as apartments for the elderly.

    Tinker Swiss Cottage Museum, a preserved "cottage" built in 1865, provides a glimpse into life in the 19th century. It combines exterior elements of a Swiss Chalet with elements from Victorian. A swing foot bridge, razed in 1976, ran from the cottage crossing the Kent creek bluffs and was a popular place to visit for many years. From October 2004 until June 2005, Tinker Swiss Cottage Museum worked to rebuild the bridge. Engineers Willett, Hofmann & Associates and Civil Constructors designed and built the new bridge.

    Mendelssohn Performing Arts Center is the oldest continuous community music organization in the United States. It exists to provide quality music for all people of the northern Illinois region through live performances by local and world-renowned artists.

    Midway Village and Museum Center is a picturesque turn-of-the-century Victorian village featuring twenty-six historic structures and heritage gardens. Its grounds include a 55,000 sq ft (5,100 m2). Museum Center that offers five exhibition galleries of Rockford's unique and ethnic history, a collection of antique and handcrafted doll houses in the Old Doll House and a working replica of a water powered machine shop at its Severin Lake entrance.

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    No I really don't no..

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