A Satriani/Eric Johnson question.?

What effects and stomp boxes are used in "Always with me/you" and "Cliffs of Dover"? What are some low priced effects and boxes that would get similar sound,tone in these songs?

Also what are some decent exercises to increase playing speed?


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    I don't know about satriani's song but in cliffs of dover Eric johnson uses a Tube screamer with some reverb and delay through a plexi amp. I used to have something describing exactly what you need for that but I can't find it now, just look for it on google. The cheapest way to get these is to pirate Guitar Rig for your computer cuz thats free but beyond that I dont know.

    The best way that I have found to increase playing speed personally was to learn to play flight of the bumblbee. It sounds daunting but it is perfect for learning to play songs like cliffs ov dover because it's really a very simple song but VERY fast. after you learn that, you can learn anything.

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