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Do you believe in memes?

*NOTE~ not internet memes (phrases, viral videos) but memes in the theory that they are replicating thought patterns that spread and are the basis of religion, other cultural phenomenon

There are plenty of smart, rational people who believe in God. If radical atheism is right and reason leads to atheism, then how do you explain these people.

Dawkins tries to by creating the theory of memes, which somehow override reason and take over your brain to make you believe in things. Well, other than the fact that no one has ever observed a meme, no one has ever tested for the existence of memes, and even that memes are not falsifiable, thereby not science, other than all that, if memes did exist, how would you scientifically prove that atheism was also not a meme? It's pretty much a self-defeating argument. If memes exist, then atheists believe what they believe because they are infected with atheist memes (so much for the claim of basing belief on logic). It seems that memes really have no other purpose than to try to explain away smart people who believe in God. How can you defend memes?


if memes are ideas, then why create a new word?

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    You're missing the point. Memes are basically ideas. The theory is that memes (ideas) are like genes, they exist and are spread and proliferate because it's just the way they are (again like genes), independent of their vehicles--brains, books, computers, other means of storage of info.The theory has nothing to do with what you're talking about.

    And yes, atheism--just like any idea which can be conceived--can be considered a meme. I think you'll have to re-organize your thinking on this one.

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    5 years ago

    If god is a meme and also you consider in god, then sure, you consider in a meme. If you consider in a meme and god is meme, then you definately consider in god, now that is a fallacy. If a fallacy is a meme and god is a meme, a fallacy is god? For people who does not recognize, meme is the an identical of genes, however rather of organic know-how, it has cultural know-how. I perhaps incorrect regardless that, possibly my memes had a poor mutation.

  • 1 decade ago

    It seems plausible.

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