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Important!!!: What is this insect?

It's a black bug that dug into my grandmother's flesh (kind of like in the movie the Mummy) and it has laid eggs inside (it's babies look like grass, black grass)...does anyone know what this bug is? I've been searching everywhere online and so far nothing, so I put this question up just in case


she said it was white then turned black

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    Well i would definitely go see a doctor, i wouldn't rely on yahoo answer for medical questions, I do however know of an insect in africa that sounds like it match's the description but that would be next to impossible to pick up unless you where in africa. the bug lays its eggs, usually, on the skin of animals. The heat of the animal hatches the egg, the larva burrows into the body of the animal, as a parasite, and lives there long enough to grow. It then, eventually, breaks out of the body, emerging through the skin, either in the same place or it may have migrated through the body to emerge in a different place. As it emerges it is generally still in a larva stage, falls to the ground and completes its transformation into the state of the flying insect, and continue its life cycle.

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    first of all that is disgusting! i gagged! oh and i love that film with the bug thing!!!

    has she been abroad?

    it could be a scarab beetle

    erm but get her to the hospital NOW if u havnt already it could seriously harm her or even kill her!


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    Possibly a leech?

  • 1 decade ago

    like a leech?

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    thts weird bt no srry

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    nice try troll

  • 1 decade ago

    you should take a picture of it . . .

    then maybe we could help

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