How easy is it to change the colour of a car?

I would like to change the colour of my car but have been told it could cost a couple of grand if I get it done professionally. How easy would it be if I re-painted it myself?

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    I'm in the middle of painting my car right now. I've been working on it for about four months.

    It takes a lot of skill to get a car painted right and painted fast. Not to mention car paint is incredibly toxic, so you need to spend $$$ on safety equipment, you need a big air compressor and an HVLP paint gun (about $800 for them), you need to buy the paint ($400 for quality stuff from PPG or DuPont), materials like sandpaper and cleaners ($200), and a DA sander, and a polisher.

    By the time you get the tools and materials for your paint job together, you've spent a large portion of what a professional job would have cost and have many hours of tedious work ahead of you.

    You'd be better off selling your car, and finding the same make and model in the color you want, if it's really important to you.

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    Depending on the paint your using getting it done professionallyy shouldn't cost you that much especially with deals at body shops, However is you wanted to do this yourself stripping the car is going to be your most labor intensive part, and i wouldrecommendnd having some experience with a paint gun, you want a nice even finish on your car. Do you already have the materials/space need to paint a car thats another overhead cost you might want to look into before doing it yourself

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    Painting it yourself would take a longgggggggggggg time. You would have to sand all of the paint off from every inch of the car such as the door jams and all those annoying spots. Also, to get a decent paint job yourself, you would need the tools (sanders, air guns), paint (primer, clear coat, etc..) , and a place to paint it (ventilated shop that is dust free).

    I would just search around local shops. It's a fun project if you have the time and money.

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    If you want a decent job you better take it to a bodyshop to be painted, it will cost an extra $1,000 to change the color on it as inside the doors and trunk have to be repainted, you can figure on at least 4 to 5 thousand to do the job right.

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    you have to get it done proffessionaly. I just got a quote to respray my car (same color) as the paint is ruined and its not an old car, but I got quoted a couple of thousand. If your car is very old and you want to restore it, its worth it but no point if its 10 years old.

    Your better off buying a new car with the color you want.. and to answer your question, do NOT do it yourself!! It will look crap and its a lot of work. You need to sand it right back and use the proper paint, and you need to spray it. Very tricky and time consuming

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    It's not hard to repaint, the prep work is a bidch though.

    Then you will have a screwed up paint job when you are done because you do not have the knowledge or technique to do it properly.

    After buying all the equipment you will also have most of the price of a pro job involved too.

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    probably only a few hundred dollars for paint, and a lot of hard work rubbing the old paint down. unless u are good with a spray gun the results wont be very good.

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