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I need help writing a letter of withdrawal of my acceptance of a new job as I am staying with current employer?

I accepted a job back in February that was to start at the end of April. But now that the start date is only a few weeks away, the new compnay is giving me all kinds of trouble. First the moved the start date to an earlier date, which caused problems with my current employer (I am leaving with their blessing). I knew I would ahve to go in prior to orientation for a health screening, but now they are saying it has to be two days and on two particular days, which is causing all kinds of havoc with my current schedule. Anyway, I am considering withdrawing my offer of acceptance. There should be no legal ramifications as I have not participated in any orientation or training or anything. I need writing a letter of withdrawal that will not make the situation any worse.

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  • SKVY
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    1 decade ago
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    If you did not sign a contract for your new job, and since you haven't wasted any of their money by going to orientations or whatever, then there are no legal ramifications if you withdraw your acceptance. It will piss them off, but it's their loss if they're being as unreasonable as you say. Your letter should be simple and direct, on your letterhead (if you don't have letterhead, you can easily create it in any word processing program like Word) and it should be sent ASAP so as to not cause them further aggravations or more headaches for yourself. I would simply write something like:


    Dear _______________:

    I regret to inform you that I am withdrawing my acceptance of the job offer you gave me on (DATE) for the position of (POSITION YOU WERE HIRED FOR). I am sorry if this decision causes you any problems or inconvenience.

    My reasons for withdrawing my acceptance are not at issue. However, you should know that one factor in my decision is that I have decided to stay with my current employer.

    I certainly appreciate, and am flattered by, the fact that you chose me for the job. Unfortunately, the timing is just not right, and to accept the job now would be doing both of us a great disservice.

    Best of luck in finding another candidate. Again, I am flattered that you offered me the opportunity to work for you and (COMPANY NAME), but I am also sorry that this situation did not work out as we had both anticipated.

    Please feel free to call me should you wish to discuss this matter further.




    If you're not comfortable using the word "job" and think "position" would be more professional, then change it. Otherwise, you don't have to give them any details other than this. The key thing is to express your regret, but also thank them for having the confidence in you by offering the job to you.

    The last line is optional, but I would leave it in. It shows that you're willing to talk further about your withdrawing the acceptance. But, if they do call and it's an unpleasant call, tell whoever calls exactly that, wish them a good day and hang up. Only talk with them if they call and are cordial or respectful. And if you do have a conversation with them, don't open up and give them tons of details. Just stick to "now is not the right time" and you "don't feel that accepting the job would be in the best interests of both of you." If they badger you for a deeper explanation, again, tell them they are being unpleasant and ring off the line.

    Good luck.

    BTW, I had to do exactly this a number of years ago. I didn't handle it at all professionally and all kinds of trouble ensued. I waited until the Friday before the job started and had a messenger deliver my letter saying that I wouldn't be there on Monday (my employer practically doubled my salary to keep me where I was). It was a nightmare. You are going about this way better than I went about my own situation.

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  • 4 years ago

    Letter Of Acceptance For Job

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  • 4 years ago

    Job Acceptance Email

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  • 5 years ago

    I need help writing a letter of Job withdrawal NOT accepted

    I got a job offer for an assistant GM position. We agreed over the phone and via e-mail the start date , salary and everything, I told her that I had given my resignation at current job and confirmed the start date. The new job two weeks later sent me an apology letter for the delay in sending the contract. However, i opened their e-mail which it said:

    ‘’I am sorry for the delay in sending you the contract. Please, find the appointment letter, together with your contract, staff handbook and job description attached.If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact me.Kind regards,

    ( As i was at work, i opened this e-mail quickly on my phone..flicked through pages but didn t read…as usually hotel industry has the same contracts) A week later i received a letter saying Job offer withdrawn as i had not replied on time. I was under the impression that everything was accepted over the phone and e-mail prior to receiving the contract. I immediately opened the contract and on a 30 page contract i see a sentence which says i need to respond within a week. I desperately was trying to contact them that day about 7/8 times but they were avoiding me. I quickly signed the contract and sent it with an appology letter and advising them that i was under impression that everything was agreed over the phone and via e-mail with start date and everything. The next day I called in sick at my current job. Sent a letter to the new job saying that I will be there at 10 am as I prefer talking face to face rather than telephone calls and e-mails. I met the lady (but not the GM). She was understandable and said that will have to talk to GM and will get back to me. I can’t go back to my current job either now. If the new GM or the lady has a friend to take my position THAN its acceptable on my side otherwise im NOT going to accept their withdrowal letter and im going to show up for work next week (to the new job) I would appreciate your help in writing a letter of JOB WITHDROWAL NOT ACCEPTED – (he might hate me the 1st time he sees me but than I can guarantee that he will love me) From all their candidates for this position I was the favorite one!!

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  • ~
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    1 decade ago

    Dear (the name of your contact at the new job)

    I very much appreciate the opportunity you presented me when you accepted my application to work at your great company.

    Sadly, several events have occurred recently which keep me from joining you. These events are deeply personal and are certainly no reflection on your firm.

    If there is anything I can do to minimize the effect of my withdrawing at this time, please let me know and I will provide all the help I can.

    Thank you again for your understanding on this matter. I certainly hope we meet again soon and, should circumstances allow it, I can provide more details.

    Best of luck to (company name).

    (your signature)

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  • 4 years ago

    I've never had to, but if the company has formally written you a letter with an offer of employment, then yes you should respond in kind.

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  • Ball
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    3 years ago


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