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the subtile knife, homework help, easy 10 pts.?

i was supposed to read a book called the subtile knife for school but i lost it and i need to answer the following questions

why was the setting important

what problems did the character face

and how the book changed my thinking, if anyone has read this book please help

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    OH! The Subtle Knife

    That book is the only book I have tried to finish like, five times (no joke) and haven't been able to bring myself to finish it.

    I don't know whether to get irritated or think you've been blessed to lose the book. I'm going to give you vague answers, but I don't ever approve of giving the straight out ones.

    1. The setting sets the stage for the major events that have taken in both the first book and the third book to come

    2. He faced potentially dangerous situations, confusion...and uh..I don't remember much else.

    3. The book made me wonder if, and only if, there were alternate dimmensions out there, and what they may be like. But this is a personal question, and its your opinion, so...yeah.

    That book...if its not another book from the one I'm thinking of...was SO hard to follow.

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    The Subtle Knife is the sequel to The Golden Compass. I would highly recommend reading this series. Either find the book, or buy a new copy.

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