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Boyfriend has the flu, nothing is working?

My boyfriend woke up on Thursday morning with a fever, horrible headache, and back aches. He took ibuprofen and went to work with a fever of 102.6. The next day at work he ate fast food and he threw it up. Hasn't thrown up since then, but his headaches are still there and his fever goes up and down between 99.7 and 101.

We've done ibuprofen, alka seltzer, hot showers, cold baths, cold compresses, sweating it out to break the fever, we've even tried some of the at home remedies and nothing has worked. He doesn't have health insurance and we don't have the money for an urgent care visit (we are barely living paycheck to paycheck). We don't think it's contagious because no one in the house has caught it, but I could be wrong.

Is there anything else we can do, or something we could buy over the counter to try? Thanks!

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    With true influenza, if you're this long into it, then it just has to be gotten through. While there are some anti-influenza medications, they must be started right away - typically before most doctors would even diagnose the flu.

    For the fever, you should let it work itself out - provided it doesn't go over 101.5... Above that, you should treat it with ibuprofen and/or paracetamol (acetaminophen). You can use both together, and stagger the doses for best effect.

    Make sure he is drinking plenty of water, although eating isn't quite as important - he should still have a little something to help the body (it is fighting the infection, and needs a source of energy to do so).

    If it doesn't got away after a few days, he should go to the clinic. Insurance is less important than health, and the worst case scenario is having a bill you can't afford to pay (though it is best if you send in something, even $25/month or thereabouts).

    Best of luck... I hope he is feeling well soon!

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    Your boyfriend doesn't need urgent care for a case of flu. 99.7 isn't a fever and 101 is a low-grade so don't be too concerned about it. Fever is one way his body fights the virus so be glad his body is fighting.

    Flu is contagious no matter what you may think. The viruses that cause flu are self-limited, meaning they run their course. Give it 3 more days and continue to treat his symptoms. He needs to stay home and rest. He also needs NOT to transmit this to anyone else. They won't appreciate it. As long as his temp remains between 99 and 101, don't try to "sweat it out". He can sip cold water all day long to replace lost fluids and cool himself internally to make himself more comfortable. Recheck his temp one hour after giving him ibuprofen and at least 15 minutes after he's had anything in his mouth (food, drink, toothpaste, etc.)

    He should eat light meals for now and if the vomiting returns, switch to liquids like soups, Jell-o, and so forth. Once you have the flu you give supportive care as I've outlined above and wait it out.

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    Bed rest if feasible. Keep him warm, lots of fluids (water, juice, nothing alcoholic or fizzy), and food that he can keep down if the vomiting is continuing. If he can't keep food down, then chicken soup will work. If the fever has not broken by Wednesday and nobody else has come down with it, then you will need to find a health centre that takes people who can't pay. They may also provide the free medications. Ibuprofen and alka seltzer do nothing to cure a fever nor does sweating it out. The cold compresses will help him feel more comfortable during the fever.

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    You can try to be patient. His fever is lower and it has only been a couple of days. I think you are definately trying to over nurse him, sweetie. Sometimes it is far better to take a step back.

    He certainly does not need to be in a cold bath for any reason. If you make him shiver, that actually raises his temperature.

    Get some Nyquil and dose him up. Take it overnight and during the day tomorrow so he can get some rest. Make sure you give him plenty to drink and try some soup.

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    The terminal illnesses he pronounced are not contagious - different than AIDS by different potential so as that grew to become right into a ridiculous comaprison for him to apply. Relationships are approximately compromise and while one is ill with the flu it is not socialising time. does no longer you be on your mattress room although with your books, television on, etc? might it somewhat situation you if the lads have been mucking around in another part of the abode and retaining their noise stages down? a minimum of he may be at abode, no longer gallivanting around someplace else. He has a component that his existence need no longer supply up, and a minimum of he'd be interior earshot to deliver greater tissues, etc. If he have been ill for weeks in mattress might you be satisfied to have not any visitors in besides come over? enable the mate come over, walk around like dying warmed-up and cough and splutter in each and every single place and that they are going to fall ill too...maximum smart human beings stay away far off from people who've viruses so i assume the mate isn't too smart if he desires to return over and touch door knobs you have left the virus on. guy-flu is amazingly crippling you notice.

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    Therraflu. Daytime formula for the day. Nighttime formula for the night. It works wonders. It at the very least lessens the suffering of having the flu.

    Bless him for being stron and going to work when he feels so bad. I understand that. You are barely getting by as it is. Just be sure he takes the weekend (or his day off) to rest.

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    When I feel really sick, I get in the shower, turn it scalding hot and handle it for about 15 seconds, then immediately turn it as freezing as possible and stand there for 10 seconds. I read somewhere that it was some Indian cure, although I don't see any medical reason for it working. Still, it makes me feel better.

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    Sounds like flu, but if he doesn't rest, it'll take longer for him to fight it off. It's viral and the body has to win the war. He just needs to take Advil or something similar for fever/pain, drink lots of fluids (hot tea w/honey is very good) Also keep warm but not overly warm. And most of all rest!

  • he cannot go to work. I know work is important but if he doesn't take the time to rest he won't get any better. Tell him to take a few days off of work because he is sick. Then he needs to stay in bed and get plenty of rest and liquids. If he doesn't rest he could get sicker. Then the painkillers and things might work

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