Art History...Medieval Period, help?

Please identify what this kind of illustration is called, and name materials the artist would have used to make it, including the color and the shiny parts.

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    The work is done on either parchment or, more likely vellum. Parchment is calf or goatskin, and vellum is very fine, extremely expensive, calf skin. (just seen that it's the Book of Kells - it's vellum)

    The black letters are ink, probably made of a soot solution, written with a quill pen. The colours are made of ground stones, minerals, or other natural substances (red could be made from cochineal beetles) and held in solution of egg, water or oil. Sometimes urine was used to keep the colour in solution. The shiny bits are gold leaf, with silver leaf or tin leaf. Held to the page by egg white.

    The illustration is called an illuminated manuscript. The one shown is from one of the finest illuminated manuscripts in existence - the Book of Kells. This was produced probably in Ireland (although possibly in an Irish Christian monastery in Scotland or England) in about 800AD. It is now in the library of Trinity College in Dublin.


    I was waiting for the answerer Brother Ranulf to answer your question because he is an expert on the medieval period, and would be able to give you a much more in depth answer than mine, but he must be away for the Easter weekend.

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    artwork Déco is for me an evergreen. yet i admire additionally some aspects of Impressionism, Illuminism and the 1st Romantic era. i admire the artwork and the movies of the Expressionism, expecially the German Expressionism. some artists, who're continuously in my heart: Van Gogh, Friedrich, Leonardo, Mondrian, Canova, Monet, Toulouse-Lautrec, Nolde.

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