Is God getting more active in curing leukemia aka T cell Luk?

The five-year relative survival rate has nearly quadrupled in the past 48 years for patients with leukemia. In 1960-63, when compared to a person without leukemia, a patient had a 14 percent chance of living five years. By 1975-1977, the five year relative survival rate had jumped to 35 percent, and in 1996-2004 the overall relative survival rate was slightly above 50 percent (51.2 percent). The relative survival rates differ by the age of the patient at diagnosis, gender, race and type of leukemia.

Why has God chosen to focus so much of his magical healing on this particular illness?

I doubt it could have anything to do with advances in medicine.

This question supposes things clearly not in evidence specifically a God. A God who only gets credit when the kid lives. For any pediatric resident that has seen the suffering and death on the peds oncology ward God simply does not exist.


Billie I am simply asking why does God all of the sudden start saving lots of children with leukemia? Dont moms whose kids have brain cancer pray just as hard? Dont a few of them deserve a yes to their prayers?

I understand that God wants people to grow spiritually but why at the expense of children suffering and dying?

If anything convinced me God doesnt exist it is the nature of suffering in children. How can he not help. Jesus said harm one hair on their heads.....

Yet child molesters roam the streets of a christian nation getting better medical care than the children they molest.

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    A thought provoking satire, indeed.

    Ironically, in the Bible, the authors usually, conveniently, used inter mediators to carry messages from God. How else would they sell their sales pitches. However, when wisdom comes to the researchers, I care not if the wisdom was encouraged by Jesus or Jasper or a professor Emeritus, or hard work (perspiration) with a little inspiration; like Edison said. -- smiles and a wee bit of chagrin.

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    1 decade ago

    Are you disappointed in people living or in everyone's eventual death?

    Are you disappointed that people have the audacity to continue to search for meaning where you have decided there isn't any?

    Are you disappointed that child molesters can exist, or that cancer patients can exist, or that prayer can exist, or that you and I exist?

    It sounds like you are as disappointed in life as you are in God and that your argument is life shouldn't exist because it isn't fair. If you have decided God is a 'magical sky fairy' what is the point of blaming that for anything (if you're not going to try and be funny about it) if it is not to show me a side of you they will thumb down here when they see it within the words I type?

    Happy Easter!

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    God can heal everyone of something alongside with an amputee's limb. yet those Judas Preachers are pretenders to benefit greater suitable congregations potential and funds. and that they have no potential to heal everyone of something. they are in a position to fool lots of the folk lots of the time. yet they can't make limbs to develop until eventually now the cameras. they are in a position to purely pretend to heal illnesses that cannot be shown genuine or fake. backside li ne is: They lie for the almighty dollar.

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    Sorry you feel that way...

    ...God works THROUGH people, we're supposed to let Him (sometimes through advances in medicine?)...

    ...satan is the one who came to kill, steal, and destory; he IS a liar...

    So, I'm unshaken...

    I'm still following Jesus Home

    p.s. why is there leukemia...could it be from generations before eating like crap or something?...How did it come about? The point is, most of our disease is man-made, if you think about it. Maybe you could let Him work THROUGH you and comfort those babies, ease their pain...maybe you're already doing that.

    ***raptor, it's not at their EXPENSE...God is not doing this (killing the babies), satan, and man is...He is not a magical sky daddy as so many like to call Him...They are probably being healed through medicine, through people...same will go for brain cancer...All I can say is that if people start listening to God, and taking the GOOD advice He had given to the Israelites, as far as food choices and such, then MAYBE we can break the chain...Yes, there are some genuine miracle healings, I don't know how God works, or why...I just trust that He has a plan and that plan is GOOD...

    All things work together for Good for those who Love Him...

    Which isn't much comfort for mothers with dying babies, I know...but, maybe something Good WILL come out of being able to comfort other mother's in the same boat, or people becoming aware of the causes and change their ways...Or, God will show the cure THROUGH someone who lets Him...

    ****and the child molesters...that's the point, If people knew The Truth, they may not cross the line...if parents knew The Truth, they would teach it to their children AND protect them...

    ...If they are not covered by The Blood of The Lamb, they WILL stand before God, naked, and God will see everything...they will be required to pay the penalty...

    ...that's fair...that's why people take comfort knowing that God is fair... many twist it like God is dragging people kicking and screaming into hell, like He enjoys, we put ourselves there, and we all have to go THROUGH this life to get Home..

    ***If you're going to be mad at someone, be mad at satan...

    If you have a child, specifically that you would like me to pray for, I only takes two of us to agree...we can at least try and see what happens...

    Source(s): The Source: God, Holy Spirit, Jesus (The Word)
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    Personally I doubt that god has anything to do with it. Maybe our knowledge of medicine is getting better?

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    God himself died of leukemia.

  • 1 decade ago

    pain exists

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