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《20點》 緊急!! 中翻英(不要網頁翻譯與錯誤的文法)




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    The use of today's notebook computers more and more opportunities, the majority of the use of sitting in chair, placed on the desktop computer; but there are also a number of cases is sitting in bed, the computer placed in the legs, or other place of a table in the bed, put away when it is used up. This is not only inconvenient to use, long-term bad posture from the body will cause a small injury. So in order to facilitate the use of bed when a furniture design.

    This quick and simple bedside cabinet shape to adopt in order to enhance the taste of bedroom space. Functions are placed in the glass, books and other supplies table, below the items in the bed at the time of admission the use of space; In addition, a rotary table can be placed out of notebook computers, such as the use of the time diary. So depends on the bed can also enjoy the simple, convenient life, and closer to your needs.

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