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把 英文 翻譯成 中文 (英翻中) 急!

我不太會翻 請把我把英文翻譯成中文 謝謝!

1. While lifting No.1 cylinder , we found there was some rust on the

cylinder head . After further examination , small crack was found at the

root of a circling vein in the cooling water passage of the lower part of

the cylinder cover . The length of the crack was about 25mm.

2. Four pistons of the main engine are to be lifted out . No.1 and 6

cylinders are to be repaired by the shipyard and No.3 and 4 cylinders

are to be repaired by ourselves . Moreover , two air conditioners ,

No.2 diesel generator. No.1 sea water pump , No.2 air compressor

and No.1 , 2 , 4 , cranes and the steering gear have all applied to the


3. I would say this ship is highly automatic compared with others.

Most of the installations have two sets of equipment . One is in use

and the other is Inreserve . In case the one in use breaks down , the

standby equipment will begin operating immediately and also the

audible and visual alarms will go off .

4. I am not quite sure . We just arrived at the port yesterday afternoon

after a long trip around the world and have not had time to check it.

Maybe it is due to the inferior quality of the burning fuel which leads

to fouled scavenging air box , inefficient scavenging and finally poor


請幫忙翻一下 請勿用翻譯軟體(例如 奇摩的 因為翻出來會怪怪

的) 謝謝......


不好意思少打空格 這個字 In reserve 在第3題裡面!

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    1. 當時提起1號汽缸,我們發現有一些鏽關於

    汽缸頭。 在更遠的檢查之後,小 啪聲被發現對


    汽缸蓋子。 裂縫的長度是大約25毫米

    2. 主要發動機4 活塞提起在外。 1號和6

    汽缸將被造船廠和3 和4號汽缸修理

    將由我們自己修理。 而且,兩台空調,

    2號柴油機。 1號海水幫浦,2號空氣壓縮機

    並且不。 1 , 2 , 4 , 伸和操舵機喝適用於的全部


    3. 與其它相比較,我認為這艘船非常自動。

    大多數裝置有兩套設備。 一使用中

    並且另一個是Inreserve。 那個在使用中失敗,



    4. 我不十分確信。 我們剛剛昨天下午到達港口





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