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Q8: 很冒昧,請問你一個月薪水有多少?

A: 我ㄧ個月薪水平均有五萬多塊

Q9:: 請問你工作時間這麼長,中間有時間可以休息嗎?

A: ”X泰峰”生意這麼好,根本沒有時間可以偷懶


Q10: 是否有想過放棄這麼辛苦的工作?

A: 這份工作雖然很累,但很充實且薪水野還不錯


Q11: 請問你工作這麼忙碌,是否還有自己的時間?

A: 雖然工作很忙碌,但幸好一個月還有七天的休假


Q12: 請問你在休假時,都會安排什麼樣的休閒活動?

A: 我很喜歡看電影,休假時我與女朋友一同去看場電影或者是去享受美食

Q13: 在現階段有什麼希望想達成的嗎?

A: 現階段只想將房貸趕快繳清,繳清了也會比較輕鬆




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    Takes the liberty very much, ask how many your one month wage does have?

    My ㄧ month wage has more than 50,000 blocks equally

    Ask that your operating time is such long, middle has the time to be possible to rest?

    ” X peaceful peak” business is such good, simply does not have the time to be possible to be loaf only then in turn midday rest for 2 hours

    Whether to have had thought gives up the such laborious work?

    Although this work is very tired, but very substantial and the wage wild also well booming in had a steady work in the present already to be very good

    Ask that you work such bustle about, whether also to have own time?

    Although works bustles about very much, but one month also has seven day-long leave of absence to be the same luckily with the normal person, but is must use a row of false way

    Ask you when leave of absence, what leisure activity can arrange?

    I very like watches the movie, when the leave of absence me with the girlfriend together guarding the threshing floor movie or am enjoy the good food

    Has what Greece in the present stage to hope achieves? The present stage only wants quickly to pay in full Fang Dai, pays in full quite will have been also relaxed, therefore I must make money diligently

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