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1. not only...but also





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    1. not only ... but also... 意思指的是「既是A也是B」;用數學語言來想像的話就是 and、且 的意思,A和B的兩個條件都會成立。

    John is not only a great father but also a considrate husband.


    He is not only a good student but also a humble person.


    2. either...or... 意思指的是「是A或B的其中一者」;在數學語言裡類似 Exclusive or的概念,A和B兩個條件中必定有一者要成立,既不可兩者同時成立也不可兩者同時不成立。

    If Chris doen't answer the phone, he is either sleeping or going out.


    The bag in such a low price is either a lemon or a fake.


    3. neither...nor... 是「既非A也非B」的意思;數學上其實就是 nor的概念( 如果你有學過數學裡面的邏輯的話 NOT(A OR B) 和 (NOT A) AND (NOT B)意思是一樣的,這是笛摩根定理,而這個NOT(A OR B)就是 nor 的意思),A和B兩個條件都不成立。

    It's neither your nor my fault.


    It's neither too hot nor too wet today.


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