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英文講稿的問題 20點**

因為下禮拜期中考 口試 要講 我最喜歡的 夜市食物


希望 大大 可以幫我寫簡單一點 不要太短 文法要對

題目 : 我最喜歡的夜市食物

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    My favorite snack in night market

    My favor in night market is the food named " Stinky Tofu "

    Everyone must know about such a traditional snack in Taiwan .

    Because you can always smell it far far away in night markets .

    Somebody considers that it is delectable flavor .

    But somebody also considers that it smells stinky just like its name .

    It usually depends on that you like it or not .

    We usually eat fried tofu with pickles in chorus in traditional "Stinky Tofu" dish .

    Besides , you can mix your tofu with some garlic or other spice sauces with your preference .

    Try it , and you'll find out what a wonderful taste it is .

    Furthermore , don't forget to have you teeth brushed after eating it.

    Because you'll get a terrible , bad breath , too .

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