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Brighter Future: D-Rose, Mayo, or Beasley?

out of these 3 only and y

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    Well, OJ Mayo mainly because of his scoring and more polished game and his ability to draw a lot of media attention eventhough he's on a rebuilding team --- Derrick Rose has a good team which can catapult his career and being a point guard with shooters around can pile up the stat sheets --- Michael Beasley has shown that if given quality minutes he can surely put up big numbers but still he has to compliment D-Wade, being one of the supporting cast to Wade might just slow him a little bit but Wade can help him shine in seasons to come...overall still, Mayo will have a brighter future...and if the Grizz able to maximize his potential and build around him then we might be able to see the OJ Mayo everyone has been talking about since his 7th grade which tells that he's the next big thing...

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    OJ Mayo Because He is A Great Scorer So he will fit in any team

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    O.j Mayo reminds me alot of Kobe Bryant I don't see him staying in Memphis forever & will probably win multiple championships in his career. Mayo has the brightest future

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    Derrik Rose. Helped take Chicago to the Playoffs and have a good chance to beat a lot of good teams.

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    i never did think Beasly would be very great. i think rose has a pretty bright future himself. but i see memphis actually turning itself into a pretty good franchise with Mayo as the star and Gay but they need a new pg and move Conley to backup.

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    Beasley if he gets more minutes and starts

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    Individiually Mayo

    Teamwise D-Rose

    Productive Beasly

    All three can do certain things

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    D-RO That guy can do it all.

    Then probaly Beasley.

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